Astrographical information

Milky Way

Societal information



25 Millions

Technological period

Medieval Age

Under control of

Yu(past) None

Out of universe information

RPG: "Stargate SG-1: Living Gods: Stargate System Lords

Shengyu appointed P1Z-003 by the Tau'ri is a planet in the Milky Way galaxy has a Stargate. The planet has amazing agricultural resources to feed their armies of Jaffa and servants, and the exquisite jade unprecedented break out of the steep mountain range north of the Stargate.

Cronus attacked here on three occasions during the attempt to take the planet and successfully repelled each time with fleets of Yu Ha'tak. The planet is far away, but there is a very direct route between here and the Cradle of Heaven that he will come as soon as he got the locals ask for help. Monsoons and hurricanes that provide water to the crops and the tornadoes that rip through the area just after the harvest season demand stringent measures to survive. (RPG: "Stargate SG-1: Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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