Shimana is the capital of planet Hidoma. The building technology and architectural style is similar to modern-day Tokyo with a superior network of streets and roads. Several buildings in the city are twenty storey structures surrounding Stargate showing some signs of unrepaired damage to the upper floors. Shimana covers approximately 150 square kilometers with a distant "suburban" area. Approximately one million people live in Shimana and a fifth of areas previously population.

In a park in Shimana stands planet Stargate and DHD and the back, there is a stone copy of the DHD. Shimana standing on the shore of a little sea and at one point the city was a center of trade and commerce with similar sized city on the other side of the ocean. Shimana is a long way the largest concentration of residents of Hidoma. The city is governed by a council of 25 citizens chosen for six years by a series of tests and the positive evaluation of public services. Only 20% of the city is inhabited and entire neighborhoods remain abandoned and some structures have been nearly destroyed by three centuries of neglect. Shimana has a small standing military that operates more like a police strength. The city is located near another inhabited place called the Province. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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