This article is about Spacecraft from Jamus' people. For Tau'ri spacecraft, see Space shuttle.

The Shuttle was a vessel encountered by the Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team in 2007, built by Jamus' people.


The ship's technology seemed to similar to Earth's moon rockets. One of the ships was inside the moon base, and the second ship was destroyed before it managed to reach the base. Later, Herick used all of the shuttle's fuel to commit suicide after learning his family is dead. The shuttle's engines pushed the moon base off course and into the planet's atmosphere and a desperate Jamus transported himself and Teyla Emmagan into the pattern storage module to force Atlantis to save his people. In the end, Sheppard decided to pilot the shuttle to the planet's surface despite it having no fuel. After the moon base was destroyed, Sheppard managed to land the shuttle on the planet though the landing was rough. (SGA: "The Ark")


The Shuttle crash-landing on the surface.

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