This article is about the Medieval Christian villager. For other uses, see Simon (disambiguation).

Simon was a male Medieval villager native to a Medieval planet in the Milky Way galaxy. When SG-1 arrived and freed Mary, he invited them into his home to hide from the Unas. When the Canon returned he branded SG-1 as demons due to them coming from the "Circle of Darkness", and attempted to sacrifice them, along with Mary. The Unas took them and headed for the Stargate. He followed them and shot the Unas with Teal'cs staff weapon. It chased him into the forest and succumbed to its wounds and the symbiote entered the Canon. They showed SG-1 to the Gate and Major Samantha Carter sensed the Goa'uld in the Canon and Colonel Jack O'Neill killed him. After SG-1 left they buried their Stargate. (SG1: "Demons")

Behind the scenesEdit

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