This star has no known canonical name.  While the information presented in this article is canonical, the star described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.


An F-302 fighter-interceptor approaches the star

"We're on a collision course with the nearest star."
―Daedalus bridge officer[src]

The Star (The Intruder) is an unnamed star in Pegasus galaxy. When the Daedalus was taken over by a Wraith computer virus, it set a near-collision course with this star so the ship would be intact, but all living things on the ship would die from the radiation. When the virus uploaded itself onto an F-302 fighter-interceptor, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay flew incredibly close the star in order to destroy the F-302 and the virus along with it. Afterward, McKay complained that he got a sunburn from it. (SGA: "The Intruder")

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