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Stargate: Doomsday World 1
Doomsday World 1

Raff Ienci, John Migliore

Cover artist

Raff Ienco


Raff Ienco, Planet Maus


Don Chin

Publication information

Entity Comics

Release date


Media type

Comic book



General information

Stargate: Doomsday World

Followed by

Stargate: Doomsday World 2

Stargate: Doomsday World 1 is the first comic in the Stargate: Doomsday World trilogy which is set after the Stargate film but in a different universe than Stargate SG-1.

Publishers SummaryEdit

When a second Stargate is detected in the South Pacific, a ragtag team of new defenders is assembled to find and deactivate it before radiation poisons all of Earth. Meet Government Scientist Joel Murphy and Commander Alexandria Klaus, who are sent into the heat of battle with an ultra-powerful member of RA's army, sent to guard the mysterious gate at all costs!


Part I begins with introducing Dr. Joel Murphy, a scientist who was put in charge of the Stargate Program on Earth. After an alien corpse is discovered in the South Pacific ocean near a mysterious island, a military team led by Dr. Murphy and Commander Alexandria Klaus is sent to investigate. Ancient ruins that could provide a link between the Aztec and Egyptian cultures are discovered on the island, but the team is attacked by an alien warrior, who manages to kill one of the team members. The alien is impervious to their weapons, and is clad in armor made from the same quartz-like material that all Ra's technology is based upon. Dr. Murphy manages to immobilize the warrior by electrocuting it with some technology he brought with him, but the electricity reacts with the quartz mineral worn by the alien, and causes it to explode. After the battle, the team continues on, and finds a second StarGate partially buried under tons of rubble.

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