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Stargate: Resistance
Stargate Resistance Audiobook

Bill McCay

Publication information

Nova/Brilliance Audio

Release date

October 15, 1999

Media type

Audio Cassette





General information
Preceded by

Stargate: Reconnaissance

Stargate: Resistance is an audiobook format of the novel Stargate: Resistance by ROC publications.

Publishers SummaryEdit

Led by Colonel Jack O'Neil and Daniel Jackson, the Abydan refugees left Earth for a world they could call home. Instead they found hell...

Earth's Stargate link to planet Ballas is broken, leaving the Abydan colonists stranded - and stalked by a merciless enemy. Believed first to be primitive beasts native to Ballas, these cat-like predators arrived through the Stargate - possessing superior firepower and innate military cunning. But who are these aliens, and why are they on Ballas? The answers lie in the secret past of an alien race - a race that is all too familiar to O'Neil and Jackson.

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