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Stargate Atlantis: Fans' Choice
Release dates
Region A

4 August 2009

General information

Stargate: Atlantis


134 minutes

Audio languages

English, French, Spanish

Subtitled languages

English, French, Spanish

Number of Discs


Publishers SummaryEdit

You voted -€“ we listened. For the first time ever on Blu-ray, here are extended versions of your two favorite episodes from the celebrated Stargate: Atlantis series - without commercial interruption, and in packaging you designed!

The exhilarating, feature-length pilot episode, "Rising", sends a brilliant team of scientists through a Stargate to the legendary city of Atlantis. But not only is the city about to be engulfed by ocean water, an enemy appears who threatens everyone in the Pegasus Galaxy! And in the white-knuckle, lengthened "Enemy at the Gate" from Season 5, as the team tries to disempower Wraith hive ships, the Wraith discover coordinates that will allow them to destroy Earth!


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