Stargate Atlantis: Wraithfall 3
Wraithfall 3

Stuart Moore

Cover artist

Mauricio Melo


Mauricio Melo

Publication information

Avatar Press

Release date

December 2006

Media type

Comic book



General information

Stargate Atlantis: Wraithfall

Preceded by

Stargate Atlantis: Wraithfall 2

Followed by


Publisher's summaryEdit

This is the action-packed conclusion to the first comics adventure from the acclaimed Sci-Fi series! Stargate: Atlantis has just been renewed for a fourth sense-shattering season, and this three-part all-new epic comic book series is just what those millions of fans have been waiting for! Teyla and Ford launch a dangerous mission to rescue Sheppard from the Wraith laboratory. But will their actions doom an entire world? This issue features regular and wraparound by series artist Mauricio Melo as well as photo covers of the Team and Dr. Weir, and two painted covers, one by Ryan Drake and one by Lucio Rubira!

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