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  • Introducing gametype King of the Hill! Engage in frenetic battle to maintain control of the Temple on Amarna.
  • Earth-SGC now fully supports the Team Deathmatch gametype in addition to Conquest.
  • New Interactive Launcher! The new game launcher delivers patch notes, news, maintenance announcements and more. Its skinnable interface allow players to create their own unique looks.
  • Objective screens now display information specific to the gametype you are playing.
  • Performance improvements to graphical materials.


  • Ambient lighting has been adjusted for better visuals, mostly noticeable on the Soldier BDUs.
  • The unlockable animating Jaffa helmet now has audio to accompany the animation.


  • Performance enhancements on the Piramess map.
  • Enhanced environmental ambiance on Piramess.
  • Some piles of snow will now react to gun fire; shoot the ground to see some flurries!


  • Enhanced security around login information.


  • The System Lords icon has been updated

Bug Fixes:

  • SGC Icons will now show up for the Conquest gametype upon login.
  • Network issues while logging in to servers have been resolved.
  • A stats display bug which was rarely causing equipment lockout has been addressed.

Console Commands:

  • All Field of View values have been clamped to be between 65 and 115.
  • The console command "closemenu" has been disabled to prevent certain exploits from being performed.


  • The event horizon has been adjusted to not draw over certain particle systems like the Goa'uld Shield or Staff Blasts.


  • While inside the sniper scope, a player will not be able to change their Field of View settings.

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