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  • All maps have had their spawn doors tweaked for better performance.
  • Improved quick join functionality after a match has ended.


  • Jumping now requires 30% of your maximum stamina and will only occur if you have enough stamina to perform a jump.


  • The event horizon's aura will now trigger claymores to explode the moment they are armed. Be warned commandos, this might hurt a bit.
  • Interactables are now worth 2 points on Team Death Match and are worth 1 point during Conquest.

Galactic Domination:

  • We are excited to announce new and improved Galactic Domination bonuses!
  • The winning faction will now get a boost to their experience earned up to 30%.
  • Losing on Amarna grants your faction a damage boost up to 30%.
  • Losing on Earth grants your faction a defense boost up to 30%.
  • Losing on Piramess grants your faction an energy regen boost up to 30%.
  • Losing on Leonops grants your faction a health boost up to 30%.


  • The ring transporters have been tweaked and can now fit as many people as you can fit inside of them. Go ahead, we dare you.


  • Splash damage radii have all been increased.
  • Splash damage will now deal damage to players even when airborne.
  • The collision on the scientist beacons have been adjusted to be the same radii as the turrets they spawn.

Bug Fixes:

  • Spawn doors will no longer stay closed for players at match start who are trying to rush them.
  • Users clicking any of the logout options are now properly removed from the sever count once they logout.
  • Winning KotH as the System Lords will now display in the proper text colors.
  • The Jaffa standard and Anubis armor have had LOD changes to correct a texture issue.


  • A librarian has been dispatched to hush those loud noises on Amarna-Temple.
  • The windows near the spawn rooms have been re-aligned.
  • The invisible ledges in the center room pillars should no longer exist.
  • Improved movement flow in a few of the locations players might get stuck or hover in.
  • The particle effects for KotH on Amarna should now all match and be only the divided ring and superman symbol in the sky.

Console Commands:

  • The console command "toggleui" has been disabled. (This has also disabled the f10 hotkey)
  • Players can no longer utilize the "serverlistchange" command.
  • The "StartAltFire" command had been disabled to prevent negative effects.
  • Some bad log messages have been removed from the console.


  • The white board's gravity flux capacitor has been fixed! The panels will no longer rave about in the meeting room.


  • The forcefields should allow for multiple users to pass through simultaneously now.
  • Turrets should no longer be able to shoot into the spawn rooms and will most likely explode if they get too close to the forcefields.
  • Loud noises coming from the water on Leonops have also been warned to keep it down!


  • The spawn door nearest the flags has been raised to prevent Jaffa and their big heads from getting stuck.
  • Blocking volumes have been added to prevent players from getting to locations not zoned for gameplay.
  • Jumping into the pit on Piramess will incur death no matter who, what, when, where or why.
  • Lighting on whiteout has been adjusted to prevent blinding players near light sources.


  • Failing to place a beacon will no longer trigger a cooldown.
  • Rapidly firing weapons after a reload will no longer put you back into a reload state.
  • Killing a turret will now award 1/2 the normal kill value in team and personal score.
  • Turrets and beacons will now die from entering kill volumes depending on who the owner of the turret is.

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