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  • Due to the rampant use of poisons the System Lords have developed a resistance and SG Command has seen to it that the Scientist's Hypo Sprays now expel a smaller cloud to prevent waste.
  • Changes the SGBEngine.ini file can now be made without a loss of functionality.
  • The Score Screen at the end of a match is now more accurate.
  • Players can no longer wear the Ashrak and Scientist unlockable costumes without owning the proper Advanced Combat pack.
  • Galactic Domination has been fixed so that wins and losses are attributed correctly and not constantly stacking resulting in an ever decaying chance at turning the tide.

Classes: Commando

  • Commando loadouts have been fixed.


  • The Scientist's Poison Cloud particle effect is slightly smaller, and each tick of damage now does 11 instead of 15.
  • The range of passing on the contagion from one infected player to a non-infected player is reduced by over half.


  • The LOD on the Ashrak has been fixed so checkerboard Ashrak in the distance are a thing of the past. Unless a harlequin Ashrak costume presents itself...

Levels: SGC

  • The Anti-Turret volume in the gate room now covers the entire ramp area.

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