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Stargate SG-1/Atlantis The Official Magazine 12
Atlantis The Official Magazine 12

Kate Anderson, Abbie Bernstein, Vince Coates, K. Stoddard Hayes, Sally Reeve


Sharon Gosling
News: Darren Sumner
Assistant: Natalie Barnes
Managing: Brian J. Robb

Publication information

Titan Magazines

Release date

October 2006

Media type




General information

Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/SG:U: The Official Magazine

Preceded by

The Official Magazine 11

Followed by

The Official Magazine 13

Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine 12 was released by Titan Magazine.

Publishers SummaryEdit

The Official Stargate: SG-1 Magazine is packed with exclusive interviews, including Michael Shanks talking about the latest adventures of Dr. Daniel Jackson, Claudia Black discussing her joining of SG-1 full-time, and Jason Momoa divulging Stargate: Atlantis season three secrets. Plus, there is an exclusive short story and all the latest Stargate news.


  • A Decade Of Daniel: After 10 years of association with Stargate SG-1, star Michael Shanks explains why he is still happy to be part of the intergalactic team.
  • Seasons Greetings: Executive producers Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper introduce Stargate SG-1's historic 10th season and Stargate: Atlantis' third year on air.


  • Advanced Telemetry: Stargat SG-1 celebrates its momentous 200th episode in style, while both shows pick up awards for their achievements. Catch up on all the Stargate SG-1/Atlantis news with!
  • Double Sided Poster: This issue, get the galaxy's sexiest archaeologist as a great pin-up - or if that's not your style, some of Stargate Command's best hardware!
  • Exclusive Fiction: The Companion: Enjoy the latest of our exclusive Stargate: Atlantis stories as McKay gets caught in a sticky situation while exploring more of the city!
  • Daniel's Notebook: The Unas: SG-1's resident archaeologist reveals his notes on the Unas, one of the galaxy's oldest - and most primitive - races.
  • The Kit Bag: Stargate SG-1 MMOG: Are you looking forward to the Stargate SG-1 multiplayer online game? Well, get the low down on its development, along with an exclusive glimpse of some early concept art!
  • Level 28 Quiz: Test your show knowledge with the first of our regular quizzes!
  • Next Issue: Jump into the future to see what you can expect in Issue #13!

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