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Stargate SG-1/Atlantis The Official Magazine 24
Atlantis The Official Magazine 24

Kate Anderson, Bryan Cairns, Karen Hayes, Karen Miller, David Read


Emma Matthews
Assistant: Sarah Herman
Managing: Brian J. Robb

Publication information

Titan Magazines

Release date

October 2008

Media type




General information

Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/SG:U: The Official Magazine

Preceded by

The Official Magazine 23

Followed by

The Official Magazine 25

Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine 8 was released by Titan Magazines.

Publishers SummaryEdit

In this 100-page special, find out the latest about Stargate: Atlantis season five! Connor Trinner talks about world domination, Robert Picardo discusses Woolsey’s first command, and much more!


  • Advanced Telemetry: Catch up on all the latest Stargate: Atlantis news, as well as some of the biggest stories from last season...
  • Blog Spot: Executive Producer extraordinaire Joe Mallozzi once again opens his blog archive for your reading pleasure...
  • Nineteen To The Dozen: The man behind the fast-talking Rodney McKay on odd couples, sisters and looking forward to getting old...
  • The Reluctant Hero: Stargate: Atlantis' very own hero talks season five, those pesky Wraith and, um, breast-feeding...
  • Rest In Peace?: We take some time to remember those who fell in defence of the City of the Ancients - tissues not included...
  • Day Tripper: Stargate: Atlantis threw open its doors to the world's press earlier in the year, and of course, The Official Magazine took full advantage of their hospitality...
  • Dex The Midnight Runner: Ronon Dex's alter ego, Jason Momoa, on his season five tour-de-force, violent dancing, and his brief dalliance with the dark side...
  • Jewel of Atlantis: The City of the Ancients newest recruit, Jewel Staite, gives us her take on Dr. Keller's growing confidence, working with her predecessor, and her burgeoning romance...
  • Then And Now: It's been a hectic four years in Atlantis and, as we dive headlong into season five, we take a look at how the team has changed...
  • The Man: As the IOA Man in charge of Atlantis, Woolsey has some big boots to fill. Actor Robert Picardo talks command, jumpsuits, and fitting in...
  • Ford's Return?: Rainbow Sun Francks, better known as long-lost Lt. Ford tells The Official Magazine about that cameo, and hopes it might herald a long-awaited return...
  • Classic Episode - Sunday: It's back! Join us as we welcome back our celebration of the very best Stargate has to offer! To kick us off, we take a closer look at one of Stargate: Atlantis' best...
  • Evolutionary Response: They might be new to us, but the Wraith have been feeding off the Pegasus Galaxy for centuries. We trace the evolution of Team Atlantis' deadliest enemies and necessary allies...
  • Kitbag Special: To celebrate the start of season five, we take a look at the finest Stargate merchandise money can buy...
  • Level 28: Think you're good enough for Team Atlantis? Our devilishly hard quiz will sort the men from the boys...

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