Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine 29 was released by Titan Magazines.

Publishers SummaryEdit

Enter a new universe as we go inside the new Stargate spin-off, Stargate: Universe! Meet the stars Robert Carlyle, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Ming-Na, and we look back at SG-1's best moments. Plus, exclusive new fiction.


  • Robert Carlyle: The latest member of the Stargate family, Robert Carlyle discusses launching Stargate Universe.
  • Michael Shanks: The Stargate SG-1 star looks back on over a decade playing the intrepid Daniel Jackson and looks forward to his life beyond Stargate.
  • Stargate Posters: Pin-ups featuring the latest Stargate cast from Stargate Universe.
  • Top 10 Alien Devices: Part of Stargate Command's mission was to retrieve alien technology that could be used to defend Earth from extraterrestrial threats. Here's the 10 best!
  • Practical Magic: Special effects Coordinator Scott Stofer reveals the challenges of working on Stargate.
  • Leven 28 Quiz: So you think you know your Stargate trivia? Test your knowledge of Stargate's aliens in our special edition of the Stargate Magazine quiz.

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