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Stargate SG-1: Savarna

Sally Malcolm


Sharon Gosling


Steve Foxon


Steve Foxon

Cover artist

Alex Mallinson

Publication information

Big Finish Productions

Release date

August 2008

Media type





70 min





General information

Stargate SG-1 (Big Finish)

Preceded by

Stargate Atlantis: Perchance to Dream

Followed by

Stargate Atlantis: Zero Point

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Stargate SG-1: Savarna is an audiobook by Big Finish Productions, which was written by Sally Malcolm.

Publishers SummaryEdit

“My twelfth grade teacher once told me, 'We don't regret the things we do in life, it's the things we don't do that haunt us'. And she was right.”

Returning from a mercy mission, the Prometheus is attacked and Doctor Janet Fraiser is kidnapped. Finding herself amongst a crew of outlaws, the Doctor must treat a desperately ill patient and keep herself alive long enough to escape. But are things all that they seem?

Authors NotesEdit

Dr Janet Fraiser is one of the strongest female characters in science fiction television and a role model for countless young women, so i was extremely honoured to be able to write a script for the hugely talented Teryl Rothery.

I've always believed that Janet Fraiser has two defining qualities - her complete devotion to her duty as Stargate Command's chief medical officer, and her utter integrity as both a doctor and a human being. When approaching this script I decided at the outset to place Fraiser in a situation where her integrity put her at odds with her professional responsibility as an officer of the United States Air Force. Given Fraiser's feisty personality, and her stubborn refusal to compromise her integrity, the result of such a conflict would inevitably be volatile!

Savarna sees Fraiser isolated from Stargate Command, trying to make the right decision in situations where she does not always know all the facts. And, of course, the right decision often depends entirely on a person's point of view...

The wonderful performance by Teryl Rothery makes this audio drama far greater than the sum of its parts, and I hope very much that you will enjoy listening...

Chronological PlacementEdit

This story takes place during season seven, between Grace and Heroes, Part 1.


CD ExtrasEdit

Behind-the-scenes interview with Teryl Rothery

Alternative CoverEdit

Stargate SG-1 - Saverna


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