Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection is a magazine where each issue comes with a DVD of 3 to 4 chronological episodes.

Publishers summaryEdit

  • Access classified personnel files on all SGC members - O'Neill's military file, Teal'c's family background, Daniel's medical report and Sam's relationship history. Full details on all the allies and enemies. Plus, a mission report for every episode, written in the voice of the SG-1 team.
  • Increase your SG-1 knowledge with these in-depth technical analysis reports, focusing on a different alien technology or scientific theory every time.
  • Step behind the scenes to find out how it's done - special and visual effects, stunts and interviews.
  • Full breakdown of all the alien weapons, ships and other devices. With technical notes and detailed blueprints.
  • SGC unmasks the System Lords behind ancient gods and goddesses, and makes the connection between their legendary reputation and Goa'uld behavior.
  • Unravel the complicated relationships between the Goa'uld, Tok'ra and Jaffa. Find out which aliens are evolved from humans and follow SGC timelines of events.
  • Every issue contains extra-large, detailed artworks for you to discover and collect. Pour over hand-drawn blueprints of The Asgard, ancient maps and plans from across the universe, plus hieroglyphs, relics and unknown alien lexicons.
  • Each issue comes with a glossary which builds into your complete A-Z of everything in the Stargate universe.


Despite the magazine's canonical status, it has made several obvious scaling errors such as listing a Supergate's diameter as 400 meters and the Ori warship's width as 850 meters which contradicts Stargate SG-1 since the ships are seen passing through Supergates which would not be possible if they were over twice as wide as the gates. Another example would be the Wraith cruisers being 2500 meters long while they appear only slightly longer than the Daedalus (225 meters) in Stargate: Atlantis.

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