Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection 19 contained a DVD and an accomanying magazine, which was published by GE Fabbri.


The DVD contains the following episodes from Stargate SG-1:


The magazine contained the following articles:

  • Mission Report 03.13: The Devil You Know
  • Other Worlds: Delmak
  • Religious Beliefs: The Nature Of Hell
  • Mission Report 03.14: Foothold
  • SGC Allies: Narim
  • Finds And Discoveries: Symbol of Belenos
  • Technical Analysis: Mimetic Device
  • Mission Report 03.15: Pretense
  • Alien Knowledge: Ion Cannon
  • Glossary: K: Kalan to Kendra
  • Personnel File: Major Warren
  • Visual Effects: Stunts
  • Alien Races: The Tollans

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