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Stargate SG-1 Das Album is a
Das album front cover

Front Cover

Das album Back Cover

Back Cover

German-exclusive trance soundtrack released by BMG on August 9, 1999. The soundtrack is comprised of music by various trance artists.

Tracks 1 and 19 contain elements of "Stargate Overture" by David Arnold.


  1. Stargate (Ra-dio Mix) - D_Formaz
  2. Brilliant (Single Cut) - Nostrum
  3. Night Scene - Oliver Morgenroth
  4. A-T's - Light Inc.
  5. Fireworx - D-Force (3)
  6. Devine - Torwächter
  7. 8:30 A.M. - Plutonia (3)
  8. Is Anybody Out There - Outer Zone
  9. Pyramiz - D_Formaz
  10. Steps Ahead - De-Phazz
  11. SG1 - SG1
  12. Hellracer - Mike B.
  13. The Quality (Of The Imagination) - The Man in the Hat
  14. Inspira Luz (Bulerias Mix) - Dominic Sangeet & Shiva Chandra
  15. Follow Me - Morgenroth
  16. Yo Yomma - DJ Shakrokh
  17. Embrace - Phantom Funk
  18. P.M. Doom - Micatone
  19. Stargate (Gated Mix) - D_Formaz

Stargate - D_FormazEdit

A single cd by trance artist D_Formaz was also released in Germany on August 9, 1999 by BMG and Marlboro Music.
D formaz front cover

Front Cover

D formaz back cover

Back cover.

Tracks 1 through 4 contain elements of "Stargate Overture" by David Arnold.


  1. Stargate (Kay Cee's Radio Mix) - Kay Cee
  2. Stargate (Ra-dio Mix)
  3. Stargate (Kay Cee Remix) - Kay Cee
  4. Stargate (Sternentor Mix)
  5. Pyramiz

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