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This article is about the Stargate Infinity episode. For the Ancient communication devices, see Long-range communication stone.


Stargate Infinity



Original air date

November 23, 2002

Written by

Nick Dubois

Directed by

Will Meugniot

Guest stars

Kim Hawthorne as ?
John Payne as ?
Shirley Millner as ?
Ellen Kennedy as ?
Blu Mankuma as ?
Ron Halder as ?
Michael Benyaer as ?
Samuel Vincent as ?
Gabe Khouth as ?
Richard Newman as ?
Moneca Stori as Kreeda
Nicole Oliver as ?
Alec Willows as ?
Dave Ward as ?
Glenn Gould as ?
Marilyn Lightstone as ?

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"Stones" is the eleventh episode of Stargate Infinity.

Publishers SummaryEdit

After Stacey loses a duel, she tries to use the power of the Mandros stones to enhance her strength and ability, but she soon becomes addicted to the stones' powerful effects.


Arriving on a new planet, the team meets with the Alteri, a martial society that practices ritual combat. After getting defeated several times, Stacey learns their ways and that wearing the "Mandro stones" enhances the wearer. As she dons them she begins to suffer strange side effects - paranoia, anger, addictive qualities, and physical transformation. Stacey goes berserk and escapes for the Stargate. The team manages to slow her down enough so Gus can talk her down and Draga can transform her back to normal. Meanwhile, Draga has a vision of a star system after touching the stones which they believe may be the home of the Ancients.


Alteri, Alteri planet, Stacey Bonner, Gus Bonner, Draga, Ancient, Mandros stones

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