Super-sarcophagus is another variant of the sarcophagus. There are rumors that eons ago Sokar convinced a Goa'uld scientist to improve the sarcophagus design to really give him the power over life and death. The new sarcophagus could revive the dead long after they had gone out where the normal sarcophagus can only revive those who have died recently and have much of their bodies still intact, this new type of sarcophagus one could revive the dead from even the most parched of corpses. Though no one has been able to confirm their existence others insist that it must be due to the face that the Goa'uld who has been dead for weeks, even months have returned in the service of Sokar. Many suspect that this super-sarcophagus is located in Shrine of Apep to Necropolis why System Lord refuses to allow anyone but himself to get close. (RPG: "System Lord Plot Hooks")

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