Symbiote extractor
Extraction (4)
Production information




Technical specifications

Extracts symbiotes


3-4 meters high

Made of

possibly naquadah and other elements



The Symbiote extractor is a device developed by the Tok'ra to extract a Goa'uld symbiote from its host during an Extraction Ceremony.


The device was used by the Tok'ra on Vala Mal Doran long ago, separating her from Qetesh and then again in 2008 on the last Ba'al clone. First, the Goa'uld is held in stasis while the Tok'ra chant all his/her crimes in their own language, which may take several hours. After the Goa'uld is brought out of stasis and speaks his/her last words, he or she is strapped onto the machine, which then uses a guidance laser to locate the symbiote. An implement pierces the head and extracts the symbiote from the host into a small, blue capsule. The high priest holds it up and announces the Goa'uld's name or status in the Goa'uld Society before throwing it on the ground, smashing it and letting the symbiote inside writhe where in lies for all to see. (SG1: "Continuum")

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