copied from star wars? Edit

anyone noticed that this is similar to when obi wan and yoda dissapear when they die in star wars? Obiwan also visits luke, saying "he cannot interfere", and hes only visible to luke. it sounds suspiciously like someones been ripping off George Lucas.

Ancient/Alterans taking control? Edit

If Ascension is part of the human evolution, why have the alterans took it apon themselves to make rules, and enforce them? When Daniel ascended, and tried to help Abydos, the 'others' stopped him. Why? I understand the others stopping someone doing something evil, but stopping someone who is doing good? I kind of see where the Ori are coming from, even though they might not offer ascension to their followers, at least they do things to help the humans, like make it rain, or cure diseases.

I just dont think the Alterans should be the governing body, just because they were the first ones (as far as we know) there. —ElChristo (talk) (Contribs) 16:03, December 17, 2009 (UTC)

I think the difference is that Daniel's ascension wasn't natural. Oma helped Daniel ascend, much as she did for Anubis. The Alterans have a rule for themselves which says they can't interfere with lower lifeforms. It's possible that if Daniel were someone who'd ascended naturally that the rule wouldn't have applied. Letting someone Oma had helped to ascend interfere however is ultimately the same as Oma interfering herself. It's like letting someone bring in someone else to commit a crime for them.

With Daniel trying to destroy Anubis however the reason is more specific. It was actually Oma who stopped him, though the Others would have had she not (and she suggests, not have been so kind about it). Anubis being allowed to cause havoc is Oma's punishment for helping him ascend. The Others couldn't have let Daniel be destroy him or else Oma wouldn't be being punished anymore. 09:16, June 17, 2011 (UTC)

Needs attention Edit

To whoever has the time this page needs attention.

  1. spelling correction is desended or desend not De-Asend or De-asended (I believe it was said on screen at one time)
  2. It has never been stated to my knowledge that Oma asended Anubis equal to her plane in order to confront him and the show does not support this either. I believe it gives something on the Oma Desala page
  3. Also it seems to me that not all of this page is described 'in universe' and needs reworded

Just a few things I found that need attention. I would do it myself however I am currently busy working on my own screenplay at the moment Oberoth20 (talk) (Contribs) 22:55, May 24, 2012 (UTC)