When suggesting that they meet face to face with the Replicator Carter, Col Carter suggested using the Alpha Site. As a military personnel, she of all people should know that the place is an evacuation site for Earth in case of an attack, and it is a highly secret location.

I am of the opinion that meeting a deadly foe (such as Replicators) on a secret planet where it is possibly Earth's "lifeboat" not only seems out of character, it's also a dumb idea. Wouldn't it be better if they met on another planet somewhere else such as an uninhabited one? 07:17, December 7, 2012 (UTC) FoxTwo

Old, yeah. I'm gonna post some thoughts anyway. Although the idea of the Alpha Site originally was to provide a place for Earth to evacuate to, it's entirely possible that it's purpose changed over time. This Alpha Site seemed like it had a lot more invested in it - built into a mountain, 302s permanently stationed etc - compared to the previous Alpha Sites. When the last Alpha Site was destroyed, a Beta Site was mentioned. Later, we see research being conducted on a Gamma Site. I always figured that the purpose of it evolved over time. This Alpha Site was basically an offworld, backup SGC as opposed to a hidden bolt hole - a role that was already starting to be done by the previous Alpha Sites, with teams sent there when they couldn't get to Earth and the like. If it's original purpose was never changed, then it should never have been used like that. Another Site could have taken over as the "evacuation place" at some point.
There's also the fact that, if Earth did came under a devastating attack and had to try and use the Gate to evacuate as many people as possible, there'd be no need to necessarily use a Site. They could go to the Orbanians, or the Land of Light, or the Hebridians, or the Pangarans, or the Argosians, or the Langarans, or the Edorans or any other dozens of friendly planets (at least at first). If they evacuated to Cimmeria, Goa'uld couldn't even follow through thanks to Thor's Hammer.
Lastly, although they could have gone to random forest planet P3X-481 and shot her with the disruptor, the Alpha Site had fully equipped labs and the like that could have been used to study her or whatever. I know they didn't know that they'd go on to do a whole load of science-y things with the Disruptor, but Carter may well have had things in mind she wanted to do other than simply chit-chat with her a bit and then shoot her, like examine her active nanites or something. -- 02:30, September 23, 2014 (UTC)

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