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This is a list of skirmishes that have occurred in the Milky Way galaxy between the Tau'ri and Ori during the Ori crusade.

Skirmish on P8X-412Edit

The Powers That Be 1

Vala Mal Doran attempts to kill a Prior.

SG-1 and Vala Mal Doran travel to P8X-412 to try to convince the people not to embrace Origin. There during a trial for Vala called a Mal Doran, a Prior who used to be The Administrator of the village of Ver Eger in the Alteran Home Galaxy arrived. Daniel argued with the Prior about Origin and the Prior left giving the villagers time to make up their minds, but not before touching one of the villagers on the head and infecting him with the Prior plague in order to force the villagers to either decide to embrace Origin or die. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell got infected and Vala used a Goa'uld healing device to try to cure the disease, but the virus mutated and the healing device became useless. Dr. Carolyn Lam tried to find a cure, but failed to do so. One of the villagers died before the Prior returned. A distraught Vala attempted to kill him with a FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon, but failed as he protected himself with telekinesis. Before the confrontation could escalate, the villagers accepted Origin and the Prior cured everyone of the disease including Mitchell and revived the dead villager. The Prior let SG-1 and Vala go so they could spread the word of what had happened there. (SG1: "The Powers That Be")

Skirmish on P9G-844Edit

The Fourth Horseman, Part 2 1

Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell attacks a Prior.

In an attempt to cure the Prior Plague, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, Dr. Daniel Jackson and a couple of SG teams traveled to P9G-844, the Sodan homeworld, to try to capture the Prior that visited that world in order to obtain his blood believing that it held the key to a cure. Bringing the newly finished Prior disruptor with them, they convinced the Sodan who'd decided to turn against Origin to help in the capture and buried the Prior disruptor in the ground and Lord Haikon and Jolan lured the Prior into the circle where it was buried. Mitchell confronted the Prior while Daniel tried to find the correct frequency on the device to block the Prior's powers and managed to succeed as the Prior telekineticly chocked Mitchell. Mitchell then shot the Prior with a Zat'nik'tel, knocking him out. They then took the blood and attempted to convince him to change sides. They even brought in Orlin, a formerly Ascended Ancient who knew the Prior Damaris' past to convince him, but they failed and the Prior regained his powers and pulled Major General Henry Landry to him and began chocking him while infecting him with the Prior Plague. Mitchell then killed him from behind with a pistol while he was distracted. (SG1: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 2")

Ori attack on ChulakEdit


Ori warships over Chulak

With the successful completion of the Supergate in the Milky Way galaxy and the victory at the Battle of P3Y-229, the new Ori fleet consisting of four Ori warships set course for the Free Jaffa world of Chulak. Once they emerged from hyperspace, the ships immediately destroyed the several Ha'taks in orbit of the planet. One ship then descended into the atmosphere and launched several Ori fighters.


Ori fighters against Death Glider

Back in orbit, one Ha'tak emerged from hyperspace with Bra'tac and most of SG-1. As a last ditch effort to destroy one of the Ori warships, Bra'tac collided his Ha'tak into it, but not before he and the rest of SG-1 were beamed aboard the newly arrived Odyssey. However, the Ori ship's shields held, and the Odyssey escaped into hyperspace. Also, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran who were aboard the Ori ship that landed on the planet, were rescued by the Odyssey seconds before they could be killed by a Prior. (SG1: "Flesh and Blood")

Skirmish of the Ori warshipEdit


Teal'c taking cover from Jaffa.

After another planet had fallen into the hand of the Ori, the Jaffa leader Se'tak uses the Dakara superweapon to annihilate the surrounding Ori forces, notably an Ori warship. Unfortunately, all life on the planet was killed in the process. SG-1, who were on the planet earlier, discovered the mothership and decided they could not pass the opportunity to examine an unmanned and completely accessible Ori ship. Unfortunately, they were not the only ones with the idea to explore the vessel, a group of Jaffa led by a man named Bo'rel was also aboard. Bo'rel, who wanted the ship under Jaffa control, captured Teal'c and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell. Afterwards, three Ha'taks dropped out of hyperspace in orbit and Odyssey, which they brought earlier, left to prevent a possible confrontation. Bor'el, having heard Mitchell talking to Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter over their radios, called to the rest of SG-1 to surrender or he would harm Teal'c and Mitchell. Dr. Daniel Jackson suggested that the Tau'ri and Jaffa work together. However Bor'el refused, and while Daniel continued to try and reason with Bo'rel, he and Vala Mal Doran were at that moment captured by a Jaffa patrol.


Adria uses her powers to interrogate a formerly dead Jaffa.

Adria, who had apparently survived the attack, appeared and captured Daniel and Vala by killing the Jaffa with her powers. Daniel tried to stun her with a Zat'nik'tel, but she began to telekinetically choke Daniel demanding that they told her what happened. Despite her best efforts, she could not force the information from Daniel's mind. Daniel and Vala tried to reason with Adria. With help from Carter, who had returned from the bridge, Mitchell and Teal'c escaped from the Jaffa and decided to head for the Stargate. Adria brought a Jaffa back to life and forced the soldier to reveal the location of the superweapon. She then activated and operated the Ori Battlecruiser and set course for Dakara. Carter, Mitchell and Teal'c go to the bridge and try to override the primary systems. They encounter Bo'rel and convinces him that they have to fight a common enemy. The ship arrived at Dakara and Mitchell decided to destroy the powercore using C-4. Unfortunately Adria had prevented the C-4 from detonating. The Jaffa attack the room she was holding Daniel and Vala prisoner in, but she sealed the door.


The Dakara superweapon is destroyed.

The Odyssey arrived, but was unable to extract SG-1, Carter succeeded in deactivate the shielding and SG-1 were beamed off. The Odyssey jumped to hyperspace to avoid the wavefront of the superweapon which the Jaffa had deployed in a last ditch effort against the battlecruiser. The desperate defense strategy succeeded, only in killing the Jaffa aboard the ship, since Adria is immune to the superweapon. Eager to destroy the only real threat to the Ori, Adria fired the battlecruiser's beam weapon directly at the superweapon. The Superweapon was completely destroyed. Back at Stargate Command, SG-1 received word that not only had Dakara been devastated, but five more planets had fallen to the Ori. With the Dakara superweapon destroyed, three Jaffa Ha'taks destroyed and the Ori continuing to convert countless planets, Merlin's anti-Ori weapon is now needed more than ever. (SG1: "Counterstrike")

Skirmish of the SangraalEdit


Dr. Daniel Jackson battles Adria.

After making it through several obstacles in order to obtain the Sangraal on a medieval-style planet, SG-1 (including Ba'al) were transported to a planet in Morgan's planetary circuit. There they met Merlin, who later had his conscious placed inside Dr. Daniel Jackson's mind along with his ascended powers, and started to build the Sangraal. However, Adria, along with a small army of Ori soldiers, were hot on their tail. They continued to work on the device, being transported to several planets in the planetary circuit along the way. However Adria, having powers capable of finding the planet SG-1 were on, soon caught up to them. As she and her army emerged trough the Stargate, SG-1 did the best they could to hold them off. Meanwhile, Adria had transported directly in the chamber where Daniel Jackson was building the Sangraal. At that time, Daniel used Merlin's ascended powers to draw forth lighting from the sky and strike all of the Ori solders dead. He then turned to Adria. While their powers were evenly matched, Daniel was in bad shape and couldn't hold Adria off for long. He held her off as long as he could, allowing SG-1 to escape through the Stargate. (SG1: "The Quest, Part 1", "The Quest, Part 2")

Skirmish on P9C-882Edit


The villagers battle the Ori.

In a debriefing, SG-1 learned that the planet P9C-882 had recently been visited by a Prior and that he would soon return and destroy the village if an Ara is not constructed. Major General Henry Landry informed the team, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter in particular, that Arthur's Mantle could be used to hide the entire village. However, after only a short time the devices power source fails and the village was left unprotected when the Ori warship arrives in orbit and the Ori Army landed.


The village is fired upon.

Armed with FN P90 Personal Defense Weapons, the villagers, as well as most of SG-1, defended the village from the Ori warriors. However, ultimately it was a losing battle. As ammo ran low, and several had already died, the skirmish quickly came to an end, and the Ori emerged victorious. It wasn't until later that Carter managed to get the device working again, protecting the village from destruction via an Ori energy beam weapon from an Ori warship after the Ori forces had left the planet. (SG1: "Line in the Sand")

SG-1's capture of AdriaEdit


Adria possessed by a Goa'uld.

After a very complicated plan, including implanting of false memories with the Galaran memory device, SG-1 captured Adria in her search of Clava Thessara Infinitas. SG-1 ambushes them with Prior disruptors to stop Adria from using her powers. However, Ba'al's Jaffa beam in and kidnap Adria. Ba'al later killed most of his clones and their Jaffa to make sure his plan was not ruined by them and their egos. He then implanted Adria with a clone while in the meantime SG-1 beamed aboard to retrieve Adria, but, unknown to them, it was actually Ba'al in control. They were successful in reaching Adria/Ba'al by killing several Jaffa and a Ba'al clone. But they soon realized it was not Adria but Ba'al. They devised a plan to swap Ba'al out for a Tok'ra but this plan failed when Ba'al released a symbiote toxin into her system in attempt to kill her so that the Tok'ra could not retrieve the knowledge she possessed.

Dominion 1

Adria regains her powers.

Ba'al was extracted but not soon enough for Adria to use her Ori telekinetic powers to lock herself in. She begins preparations for ascension, while Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Teal'c attempt to cut their way in, but are distracted when Adria releases coolant into the corridor where Dr. Daniel Jackson is trapped. Vala Mal Doran attempts to kill Adria with one of the guard's guns, but is lifted into the air by Adria's telekinetic powers, allowing her to complete the ascension process uninterrupted. (SG1: "Dominion")

Skirmish on DakaraEdit

Dakara standoff

A standoff between SG-1 and the Ori Army.

On the ruins of Dakara, SG-1 was searching for the Ark of Truth. When they found a box (which wasn't the ark), a group of Ori soldiers, commanded by Tomin attacked. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter opened fire at them, but were outnumbered and surrounded. Tomin assured them that they would not be harmed if the surrendered. They agreed and allowed him to enter but he was followed by a Prior. Dr. Daniel Jackson tricked the Prior into opening the box but it only contained old papers that disentigrated when touched. The Prior ordered Tomin to kill them but he refused and Mitchell convinced him that the Prior was powerless. The Prior reached for Tomin's Ori staff weapon but Mitchell was able to grab a staff weapon himself and kill the Prior. Carter then showed Tomin a Prior disruptor, which neutralized the Priors' powers. After seeing the Prior killed, Tomin and the army surrendered. (SG1: "The Ark of Truth")

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