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This is a list of skirmishes that have occurred in the Pegasus galaxy between the Tau'ri and other races.

Skirmish with the Shadow creatureEdit

(SGA: "Hide and Seek")

Standoff on M7G-677Edit

Believing that the arrival of the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team on M7G-677 threatened the safety of its inhabitants, Aries pushed to force the team to leave and escorted them at arrow point to their Puddle Jumper where Dr. Rodney McKay was supposedly waiting. In reality, McKay was attempted to restore the electromagnetic field generator he'd shut off earlier to restore the shield that protected the planet from Wraith attack. Due to a distress call sent by a dead Wraith warrior's bracelet after the shield went down, a Wraith probe arrives and scans the Jumper before flying off to the nearby ruins where McKay is working on restoring the shield. Due to his people's belief that the existence of people over the age of twenty-four on the planet will draw the Wraith, Aries becomes convinced that it is the team's presence that has caused the arrival of the probe and sends Neleus and another hunter to get McKay and prepares to kill Sheppard, Teyla and Ford despite their threats to use their FN P90 Personal Defense Weapons to defend themselves. When one of the hunters takes a shot at Sheppard, Keras moves in the way and is hit in the shoulder. As the standoff continues, Neleus and the other hunter locate McKay who holds them at gunpoint and asks for a chance to fix the shield. The Wraith probe arrives in the ruins and the two hunters engage it ineffectually. As the probe is distracted by the two hunters, McKay manages to restore the shield, causing the probe to fall out of the sky in front of the two hunters. Seeing that McKay and the others were telling the truth, Neleus rushes back to the Jumper's location and defuses the standoff by telling Aries of the development. (SGA: "Childhood's End")

Skirmish on M5S-224Edit

(SGA: "Home")

Skirmish with the Sanctuary BeastEdit

(SGA: "Epiphany")

Skirmish on the Lord Protector's planetEdit

(SGA: "The Tower")

Skirmish with Phoebus and ThalanEdit

(SGA: "The Long Goodbye")

Skirmish with Lucius LavinEdit

(SGA: "Irresistible")

Skirmish on M4D-058Edit

(SGA: "The Game")

Skirmish on the Moon BaseEdit

(SGA: "The Ark")

Skirmish with the Crystal of M3X-387Edit

(SGA: "Doppelganger")

Skirmish on New AthosEdit

(SGA: "Missing")

Coalition of Planets TrialEdit

(SGA: "Inquisition")

Skirmish with Neeva CasolEdit

(SGA: "Identity")

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