Teal'c's Al'kesh was an Al'kesh used by Teal'c.


In an attempt to block more Ori warships from coming through the Supergate, SG-1 minus Teal'c traveled to Atlantis before heading to a Black hole in the Pegasus galaxy, while Teal'c used his Al'kesh to place a Stargate next to the Supergate. After the gate was in place and an incoming wormhole was established from Pegasus, Teal'c was contacted by Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Dr. Rodney McKay on board the Odyssey. The Odyssey beamed a Nuclear warhead in front of the gate in Pegasus in an attempt to make the wormhole jump to the Supergate, but the first attempt was unsuccessful. A second attempt with two nukes was also ineffective, but energy was transferred to the Supergate. The ships sensors detected an Ori warship heading for the Supergate, so Carter had Teal'c extend the cloak around the gate and shut down all non-essential systems to avoid detection. After Atlantis detected a Wraith Hive ship heading towards the Odyssey, Dr. Elizabeth Weir contacted Stargate Command who sent SG-11 to the Gamma Site to contact Teal'c who warned the Odyssey, which drew the attention of the Ori ship. With the Odyssey under fire from the Wraith, Carter and McKay came up with a plan to draw the Hive close to the black hole, in order to effect their jamming code and beam the nukes on board as they passed the gate. Carter instructed Teal'c to get clear of the gate, but Teal'c instead lured the Ori ship near the Supergate. After the nukes were beamed on board the Hive, the wormhole jumped to the Supergate and the unstable vortex destroyed the Ori ship. Teal'c informed them of the good news before returning to Earth. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project")

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