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This individual has no known canonical name.  While the information presented is canonical, the individual described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

Teal'c's mother
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Mentioned in "Fair Game", "Talion"

Teal'c's mother is a female Jaffa and the wife of Ronac and mother of Teal'c. After the death of Ronac at the hands of Cronus, she and Teal'c were exiled to Chulak. Years later, after Teal'c won a battle with Arkad's forces, someone killed her in her sleep by slipping into the village where she lived and slitting her throat in the middle of the night. Arkad claimed to be responsible but Teal'c believed if he had been responsible, he was too cowardly to do it himself. (SG1: "Fair Game", "Talion")

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