The Tech Con logo

Tech Con Group is a major corporate conglomerate on the planet Hebridan, which monopolizes much of the products and air time on its broadcast network, TCNN. The organization's slogan: "Progress and people working in total harmony."

Tech Con awards a very lucrative contract to the winner of the annual Loop of Kon Garat race. The winner receives a contract with Tech Con's deep space exploration project. The company philosophy encourages mutual trust. Its president is Miles Hagan. (SG1: "Space Race")

Tech Con businessesEdit

  • Tech Con Ultra Sport Beverage
  • Tech Con Gaming Kiosks ("If you dont play, you definitely won't win")
  • Tech Con Deep Space Exploration
  • Tech Con Cosmetics
  • Tech Con family outlets
  • Tech Con Funeral Services ("Helping you make peace with death")
  • Tech Con Propulsion Systems ("Your system wide experts in ion-drive technology")
  • Tech Con Group Restaurant Family
    • Corso's Temporal Eatery

Tech Con ProductsEdit


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