Tereza Dimera is a female Gallician from Gallicia. Tereza Dimerca born in the desert tribes Sheen'ild Tereza has traveled from the coast to the mountains and back again since she could walk. Growing up among camel riders in the foot, she married very young but was widowed within a year after the customs of her people were free to pursue their own inclinations since she and her husband had no children. Tereza threw herself into learning the harp and drums and joined a traveling band of musicians when she was 20 years old.

Over the last fifteen ears, she traveled with caravans from Il-Sheen to Juhsulds temple play music guide unwary travelers through the dangerous territory between desert oases. Her entourage of musicians is a favorite in the mountains, and they often receive lodging and food for the price of a couple of songs. They have played the Temple of Heat three times in the last ten years, and spend half the year in the city performing for pilgrims. Tereza is an easy going and sincere woman honest but prone to blindly agree with the edict of the clergy. The barbaric tribes of the desert to keep a somewhat looser philosophical stance than city dwellers do, and she's hard to take all their rules seriously. Because of this, she has found the secret ways in and out of the cities. She has often picked up some extra money to help tourists circumvent local officials. Still, she is far from being careless and are willing to share their knowledge hefty fee and promises of discretion from those she helps. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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