Tidal towers are structures standing in the sea on planet Hidoma. The towers are solid cylindrical structures standing in the sea a few kilometers from the Shimanas port. They contain lots of high-efficiency turbines. This is the source of almost all electric power Shimanas a tidal power generation system. The towers were built to withstand hundreds of years of constant operation, and misuse of the ebbing and rising tide. They have surpassed their long dead designers most optimistic estimates of operating life and durability. Forgot current day Shimanans complement custom-built robots hold the power plant repair damage and keep power flowing to a city completely unaware of its existence. The towers are prominent in the mythology of Tomoko Hirana personality cult. When Shimanas power grid had been modified to lower demand system led Hirana a handful of engineers and scientists out to the towers. The cruise hoped to get access to the generator equipment and control systems.

Hirana believed that parts of the power plant was taken off-line to provide repair parts for those still operating generators. The engineers went out to the towers and spent two days exploring the plant before a storm blew in Hiranas expedition was lost in the storm, the wind blew the boats out to sea and no trace of the ships or engineers have ever found. Today, the towers represent Hiranas devotion to Shimanas and objective of rebuilding the planet's society. The power generation plant is seen as sacred ground by many of Shimanas engineers and scientist and members of the growing personality cult on the city's shorefront at dawn watching the sun rise over the massive structures that claimed his predecessors life and still provide the power necessary for day-to-day life in the city. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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