The Tok'ra weapon inside a box on a Tel'tak

The Tok'ra weapon was a portable device in use by the Tok'ra. As Tok'ra weapons were incapable of actually penetrating the shields of a Ha'tak, it was instead deployed on a planetary target. This weapon was launched by a Tel'tak in orbit through the atmosphere of a planetoid where it went through a hole in the surface and into the molten core. Once there it triggered a force amongst base elements and created a cataclysmic chain reaction. The weapon was as a result able to cause an entire planet to explode, killing all its inhabitants and destroying any targets in orbit.

Through the alliance with the Tau'ri, the Tok'ra Martouf/Lantash worked alongside with SG-1 with an infiltration mission to Netu where Jacob Carter/Selmak lasted operated. Their mission saw them captured and taken prisoner by Bynarr where they were kept as prisoners. However, Bynarr was killed by Apophis who took control of prison moon with the uprising attracting the attention of the Tok'ra High Council. They believed that Sokar would need to quell the uprising that would see the Goa'uld take a Ha'tak to Delmak's moon in order to restore order. Thus, the operative Aldwin was tasked with deploying a Tok'ra device that would borrow into Netu and caused it to explode. Ultimately, it was responsible for Sokar's death when his mothership was caught in Netu's explosion. (SG1: "The Devil You Know")