Tonane is a Salish Indian from PXY-887. He attempted to convince Captain Laurence Conner of SG-11 to stop mining Trinium from his planet. When Conner refused because they had set a hot charge, he walked away and the Spirits made all of SG-11 disappear. When SG-1 came to investigate he captured them and brought Captain Samantha Carter to see the elders of his village. He volunteered to go to Stargate Command to be shown less destructive mining techniques. After he viewed the images, he was convinced the Salish way was the only way the SGC would be able to use the Trinium for their own purposes. When SG-11 turns out to be the Spirits and they start to make everyone in the SGC disappear, he and Dr. Daniel Jackson hide in a storage room. After Daniel and Colonel Jack O'Neill agreed to a peaceful solution, the Spirits show themselves to Tonane in their real form, rather than in the form of animals. (SG1: "Spirits")

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