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This article is about the city-ship. For the episode, see The Tower.
The Tower
The Tower
Production information




Technical specifications
Engine unit(s)


Hyperdrive system


Power output


Power plant
  • ZPM hub
  • Solar panels (optional)
  • Lightning rods (optional, if necessary and available)

City-ship shielding system

Sensor systems
Targeting systems

Mental (Drones)

Control systems
Navigation system



Drone weapons


20+ Puddle Jumpers


Hundreds of thousands

Cargo capacity

Millions of tons

Other systems
  • City
  • Colony
  • Starship
"Is it my imagination or does that look like-"
"The central spire of Atlantis?
John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan[src]

The Tower is a city-ship almost identical to Atlantis. Its name comes from the fact that only the top of the control tower is visible; the rest of the city is completely overgrown with vegetation and the other towers have fallen, possibly due to Wraith attack. Also, parts of the underground city have collapsed because of earthquakes. The Tower has a bay full of unpowered Puddle Jumpers and a large number of drones. The most noticeable difference between the Tower and Atlantis is that the control chair is in where the Stargate would normally be rather than in a separate tower.



The Tower from a distance.

Long ago, the Tower was used to protect the planet from the Wraith. It is possibly, that the Wraith lost interest in the planet or left for unknown reasons. The Lord Protector then began using the Tower's drones to intimidate the people of the village below if they did not comply with his wishes.

By the time the Atlantis expedition discovered the overgrown city-ship, it was ruled by a primitive people who had no idea what the place really was but some of which had the ATA gene and as such could operate the city's control chair. Unfortunately their bloodline was dwindling fast. The city's single remaining ZPM was nearly depleted when the team got there, which was depleted by McKay powering the city's stardrive to save a nearby village from a drone attack. A quantity of the city's Puddle Jumpers and drones were then given to Atlantis in exchange for an IDC and medical supplies. (SGA: "The Tower")



  • The Tower is an Ancient city-ship the size of Atlantis. However, the above-ground portion of the central spire is surrounded by hills that are unlikely to be sediments accumulated over the past 10,000 years; rather, they appear as normal, rock-cored hills. From the spire's elevation, the bulk of the city must be beneath these hills; however, 10,000 years is not enough for hills to "shift" over the city -- orogenic processes take millions to billions of years. One possibility is that the hills are volcanic in nature; a relatively recent eruption might have covered the bulk of the city in pyroclastic flow, which would then have cooled to form the hilly terrain.
  • The main difference between the Tower and Atlantis, is the location of the control chair, which stands at the central podium, while the Stargate is outside the village. It's possible that the gate once stood in another part of the city-ship, but wraith attacks have destroyed the buildings, until only the Stargate stands.

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