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Traveler colony
Astrographical information
Point(s) of origin

Off the grid



Societal information


Technological period

None, (present) Advanced (formerly)

Earth interest

Former Travelers colony

Under control of

None, (present) Travelers (formerly)

Out of universe information

"The Lost Tribe" (mentioned)

The Traveler colony, also known as the Traveler settlement is a planet in the Pegasus galaxy which was the new homeworld for the Travelers.

However, the colony was destroyed when the Stargate exploded, due to the Attero device, killing three thousand Travelers, and destroying two ships, including their Aurora-class battleship. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")

In 2009, while trying to convince Ushan Cai to not trust the Atlantis expedition and let the Genii have what they want on Sateda, Sora Tyrus brings up the destruction of the colony and other planets like it via Stargate explosion as reasons the expedition can't be trusted. Cai dismisses the story as rumor and the work of the Wraith if it is true and refuses to listen to Sora's assertions. (SGA: "Allegiance")

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