Zipacna of the Goa'uld, Lya of the Nox, and Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill attending Triad to persuade Travell the fate of Skaara/Klorel.

"It's an ancient ceremony of justice, quite honourable."

The Triad is the Tollan version of a private law proceeding, where Tollan legal disputes are settled; it is unknown under what system matters of public law are settled. The system is adversarial. Two seekers (parties) argue their case, each defended by one or more archons (equivalent to an attorney) of their choice. There is also a third archon, chosen to be neutral to the case (i.e. a judge).

The seekers argue their case until the archons are ready to reach a decision. Each of the three archons casts a vote for one of the seekers; ordinarily, each seeker's archon will vote for his or her seeker, leaving the ultimate decision in the hands of the neutral archon. (SG1: "Pretense")

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