Truskat, designated P3Y-709 by the Tau'ri, was a planet in the Milky Way galaxy which held a Stargate.


Once visited by the Ancients, Truskat was chosen as one of the many planets that they placed a Stargate on. It is unknown what the planet was like during that time, but at the time that the Tau'ri build Stargate Command, at the very least, it had become a dead world which was chosen by Ba'al as a location to train his Jaffa. Ba'al charged his underlord Mot, who was also his brother, with ruling over the planet in his name as he had other duties as a System Lord which meant he could not devote the time needed to rule over Truskat himself.

Truskat was only one of many worlds ruled over by Mot during his service to Ba'al, and while it was under his control it became the primary training facility for junior Jaffa warriors. In addition to these Jaffa, Truskat was home to transplanted Tau'ri known as Truskati who eked out a living with subsistence farming as well as scavenging what they could from the blasted terrain. The only thing that truly kept the Truskati going, however, was the fact that Mot's Jaffa spread word that Ba'al would one day come and liberate his people from Mot's rulership and transform Truskat into their promised land so long as the people demonstrated their devotion to their new god.

As such, isolated pockets of the Truskati civilization sprung up who were devoted to worshipping Ba'al as their God of Fertility, frequently engaging in orgies of Human sacrifice as a way to appease their new god. Though Mot's Jaffa continued to spread word that one day Ba'al would come and slay Mot and thus free the people, these rumours were in fact false; Ba'al planned instead to send Astarte to rule over the planet in his name and simply send Mot to a new planet to start the same process over again. Nevertheless, these rumours gave the people hope and something to live for. Even so, it was known that it would not take much for strangers to sway the people away from worshipping Ba'al by fulfilling the prophecy.

It was thought that any being would likely be able to gain the trust of the people by either killing or driving off Mot, then giving the people a means to work and nurture their land back to health as this would fulfill the prophecy they were told by the Jaffa. The procedure of bringing life back to the desolate planet was likely to take years, however, unless there was an advanced form of technology involved. Sometime before 1900, Mot left the planet and made his way to P4S-237 where he once again ruled in Ba'al's name; whether this was because Astarte indeed took his position or because he was driven off remains unknown.

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