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"Broken Ties"


Mark Dacascos

Tyre was a Satedan military soldier and worked for the Satedan Planetary Forces. His home planet was Sateda before it fell in 1998. He was highly trained in weapons, melee and hand-to-hand combat.



Tyre was trapped offworld with four other Satedans when Sateda was being culled by the Wraith, and he was captured along with Ara, Rakai, Marika, and Hemi. The Wraith offered them to die with the past or live for the future. The Wraith started draining their lives to the last point and gave it back over and over again until he, Ara, and Rakai finally accepted -- Marika and Hemi died due to their weakness. For the next few years, they traveled to other planets, where they spent much time eating, drinking, and killing other Wraith.

They were former friends of Ronon Dex, and were reacquainted with him when he and Teyla Emmagan found them at a tavern. They offered Ronon and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team to join them on a mission to destroy a Wraith technology base that was working on a way to turn off the Asurans' attack code. The mission was in reality was a deception in order for the Wraith to capture Dr. Rodney McKay and force him to find a way to deactivate the Replicator attack code. McKay learned of the deception, and Ronon challenged the three Wraith worshipers to a fight where both Ara and Rakai died, but Tyre escaped. (SGA: "Reunion")


After the incident, the Wraith were disappointed in him, and decided he was no longer useful, so they let him loose, to serve as an example to all who defy the Wraith. Since Tyre no longer received the Wraith enzyme from his everlasting Gift of Life, he experienced withdrawal symptoms, having become addicted to it over his years of service to the Wraith. He wanted to rejoin the Wraith cause, so he lured Ronon Dex into a trap, captured him and sent him to Sarif Sur. Initially, Ronon wanted to kill him, but later wanted to help him. However, Tyre alerted the Wraith to capture Ronon, but instead of sending him back, the Wraith Commander knocked him out and left him for dead.

Eventually, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team found him and sent him back to Atlantis, where he went through withdrawal. After eventually recovering, he insisted that he would lead the team to Ronon at a Wraith facility, but apparently betrayed them to the Wraith. However, this was part of Tyre's ruse; remorseful for his actions, which had resulted in Ronon's conversion to a Wraith worshipper (as he had once been), Tyre had secretly let the team go, allowing them to save Ronon. Tyre entered into a standoff with the Wraith Commander, promising that as soon as the humans were safely away he would give the Wraith the detonator; however, he handed Sheppard his sword, signifying that he did not intend to follow them out. Rejecting the pleas of the Wraith Commander, Tyre detonated the C-4, killing himself and destroying the facility. In this way, Tyre, realizing he was beyond forgiveness, attempted to atone for his past misdeeds. After that act, Ronon considered Tyre a friend and mourned his loss. (SGA: "Broken Ties")

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