The Udajeet, also less formally known as a Winged Glider, was an open cockpit Death Glider.


The Udajeet was used by Ra on Abydos to quell the uprising incited by the Tau'ri. Two of these gliders emerged from Ra's Pyramid ship and attacked the city of Nagada. These two glider's participated later in the battle at the pyramid. O'Neill's team and Skarra's rebellion held off the attacking Death Glider's while O'Neill, Daniels, and Sha're infiltrated Ra's ship. O'Neill's team and Skarra's rebellion surrendered when they knew they were out gunned and outnumbered. The two Death glider pilots landed their craft not far from Ra's ship and prepared to kill the group when Kasuf returned leading an army of Abydonian slave's who arrived at the last moment and attacked the two pilots killing them. The two now unmanned Death glider's were presumed to have been abandoned after Ra's ship was destroyed. (Stargate)



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