The last of the newspaper.

Uif Wpmjbo Wpjdf, translated "The Volian Voice", was a newspaper published by the Volians on the planet Volia. The newspaper wrote about a plague spread amongst the population, stating that Aschen arrived on Volia via spaceship and offered them the vaccine against plague. The newspaper wrote a few more issues after the Aschen arrived on Volia, but was closed down after Volians discovered that the Aschen vaccine had a side effect that made them sterile. The last thing the newspaper wrote about was a rebellion against the Aschen and the newspaper was closed the following day. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c found a public building under the earth and found some newspapers that they read and brought back to Earth. (SG1: "2001")

Luckily, it is possible to read the newspaper by replacing every letter with its previous letter in the alphabet. Using this simple Caesar cipher, some of the headlines can be translated as: "Newcomers vaccine [e]nds fever" and "Vaccine from Newcome[r]s causes sterility".

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