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Ursini Control console
Ursini console
Production information




Technical specifications
  • System control
  • Communication system

The Ursini control console, also known as the Ursini control panel, was a computer system located on Ursini spaceships, used by the alien race known as the Ursini

Overview Edit

The Ursini control console is the standard system control device used by the Ursini. It works and functions like most other control systems seen operated by various other species thru the known universe.

Among its capabilities, the control console can be used to send and recieve various information between ships. From the console, various systems of the Ursini spaceships, such as life support, can be acessed. The control console and its programmes were written in the Ursini language.

The Ursini control console can also be used as a communications device, as Dr. Nicholas Rush used one of these devices to communicate with Dr. Amanda Perry, who was situated on the Ancient vessel Destiny.(SGU: "The Greater Good")

History Edit

When the crew of the Destiny expedition stumbled upon an abandoned Ursini spaceship, Dr. Nicholas Rush and Colonel Everett Young boarded the ship and found the system. Dr. Rush used the system to send various information to Destiny.(SGU: "The Greater Good")

The Ursini control consoles were later seen, when the crew of the Destiny stumbled upon debris left after a battle between the Ursini and the Berzerker drones.(SGU: "Resurgence")

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