The Urson are a sentient polar bear like race who live on the Urson planet in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Urson and Tlak'kahn relationsEdit

The Urson live in an ice city next to the Tlak'kahn refugees. They originally welcomed the refugees to their world, however they then feared their advanced technology. Worried they would take over, the Urson fought the Tlak'kahn refugees, trying to remove them from their world as well as taking prisoners, until the refugee farmer leader Nik'ta saved the Urson leader Arktos from drowning. Now the Urson and Tlak'kahn farmers are allies, they have trading arrangements, the Tlak'kahn are open about their technology, and the Urson are fine with each other as neighbors on the same planet. (INF: "The Face of Evil")

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