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Us and Them
Us and them

Stargate Infinity



Original air date

January 13, 2003

Written by

Julia Jane Lewald

Directed by

Will Meugniot

Guest stars

Kim Hawthorne as ?
John Payne as ?
Shirley Millner as ?
Ellen Kennedy as ?
Blu Mankuma as ?
Ron Halder as ?
Michael Benyaer as ?
Samuel Vincent as ?
Gabe Khouth as ?
Richard Newman as ?
Moneca Stori as Kreeda
Nicole Oliver as ?
Alec Willows as ?
Dave Ward as ?
Glenn Gould as ?
Marilyn Lightstone as ?

Preceded by


Followed by

"The Face of Evil"

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Us and Them was the sixteenth episode of Stargate Infinity

Publishers SummaryEdit

Draga is so excited to discover the Otsorok, a race of creatures that look like her, that she doesn't notice that the Otsorok dismiss her team-mates as being inferior.


Otsorok, Otsorok homeworld, Draga, R.J. Harrison, Stacey Bonner, Gus Bonner

Notable QuotesEdit

Harrison: Breakfast ready?
Stacey: Here. Enjoy your moss.
Harrison: Got any syrup?

Gus: Is that a protein bar I hear, Harrison?
Harrison: (chewing) Not any more, Major!

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