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Well, since I feel that the dreams that were in my original user page took up a little too much room, I think it's about time to start a subpage on them. So there, first off there are the longer dreams, with their own, yet ironic and sometimes weird titles. Since I don't want just text, I am adding some images relating to them.

Longer DreamsEdit

The "Real" AtlantisEdit


You thought there was only one Atlantis, well you're wrong!

Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter and Doctor Daniel Jackson goes to Santorini, Greece where people discovered an Ancient city, similar to Atlantis, but bigger. They found what they thought was the "real Atlantis" and it was buried under rubble from the volcanic eruption 3,500 years ago. They deflooded the city and revived the Ancients from stasis. Fearing they were alien bad guys, the Ancients went to one section of the city and blew themselves up. Carter realises that the Ancients also started a self destruct, which can apparently wipe out half the Earth. They somehow use the 5 ZPMs to absorb the energy of the bomb. It works, but by the time the fifth ZPM was depleted, the self-destruct could still blow up the city. They managed to have escaped by Puddle Jumper before the city blew up, causing an earthquaqe that rocked Santorini. In the end, they called Atlantis in Pegasus the true Atlantis.

Alternate versionEdit

I had another version of it. It was somewhat similar, but with a few differences. For starters I was a part of the team sent to investigate the city, and so did Evan Lorne and Rodney McKay. The people who were in stasis weren't Ancients, but some Human-like aliens called Cydonians (either named after the region on Mars, or from the song "Knights of Cydonia"), which happened to have built the spaceships on two dreams towards the bottom of the page. They are a war-like race, who wanted to destroy Earth, but the Ancients were too powerful and were in the way. The aliens intentionally caused the Minoan eruption to destroy the city, but after finding it intact, the stormed the city by surprised and killed the Ancients, but before they could work on using the ZPMs to overload, the city flooed, and they were forced to go into stasis, until we rescued them. Just as Lorne and McKay exposed them, the aliens blew themselves up, and rigged the ZPMs to overload and destroy Earth. To stop that from happening, we override their protocols and disconnected the ZPMs, and we escaped.

Duplicate DaedalusEdit


The duplicate Daedalus.

I was a member of the Atlantis expedition. Long range sensors have picked up the Daedalus abandoned and drifting in space (kind of like what "The Daedalus Variations" is about.) I was the fifth member of Sheppard's team, I remember having a P-90 and everything. Woolsey was talking with Carter and then ordered us to investigate. When we got to the ship, the whole ship was empty. We went to the bridge, where we saw someone, but it seemed off, he wasn't wearing a Daedalus uniform, and he didn't act Human. We later found out that was a disguise. Ronon gave me his gun and I started to shoot him with it. I fired right on target, but he had some sort of strong armour. I then fired my P-90 and emptied it as I charged into the bridge. But the man was still alive. The rest of the team charged in and fired at him as well, but he still didn't die. The man had mind powers and used it to throw Sheppard, Ronon, Teyla and McKay, but not me.

I took out my sidearm and shot him several times in the head, which did kill him. We later took out his disguise to show something very horrible, he was actually a blue wrinkly alien body, with no head. Later we saw light blue flashes from Space, followed by the sign of more lifesigns on the ships, aliens with the same uniforms as the man we killed. The ship was overrun, so we had to initiallise the ship's self destruct, where we escaped by Puddle Jumper and got out before the Daedalus blew up. We later found out that ship was an alien copy and they wanted to learn about us before they could invade Atlantis. Hopefully, we got rid of them all, or did we...


The following is a crossover between Stargate, Doctor Who, Torchwood and 28 Weeks Later (but a far, far less gory version, which, personally is a relief, because I am never going to see that film AGAIN!!!) This one is so long.



At the SGC, SG-1 picks up a mysterious object slowly heading towards Earth, and they think it's a neutron star. McKay came in to investigate and realise it might not be a neutron star, as it is not emmiting any intense radiation. They soon find out that it is a mini version of Earth. There is nothing they could do to stop it colliding. But then it stopped on its own, and emmited a fairly powerful pulse. Soon much of the people started to turn to zombies, They started to run the Earth and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Then The Doctor, from Doctor Who showed up. I was in a hospital with a couple of my friends, which was odd, because one of them was supposed to be in Ibiza, and the other should be in Greece. Unfortunately, in that same hospital, zombies started to attack and bit everyone they saw, turning them into zombies. Soon the hospital was overrun. The zombies didn't bite a few dozen of us, because they need normal people to serve them (they can speak English, strange). We had to supply them with constantly clean bed sheets and pillows, or they'd kill us.

Gate Room guards

SGC personnel preparing to hold off the zombies.

I was hiding in a room with one of the friends and saw Martha Jones, who was a zombie. However, the Doctor came in and held Martha's forehead. She had apparently turned Human again. Next we escaped the hospital, with the help of Captain Jack and his Torchwood team. We later find out that a shadow organisation of some sort has developed a cure for the virus, but they are hoarding it for themselves. We need to find out how to get the cure and mass produce it. Meanwhile, in the SGC, they get attacked by zombies. Luckily, by being a heavily fortified area, nothing can get in. SG-1 was safe. Me and one of my friends enetered the building where the cure was made. It was guarded. I had two pistols and started shooting at anyone in the way. Eventually we got the cure and escaped before the zombies made it there. We got in the TARDIS and we turned the cure into a radio signal that turns all zombies back to people. After this was done, the SGC noticed that the mini-Earth disappeared.


Ronon, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, Keller and cloned Beckett, and Sheppard, Woolsey ended up in five different places. Ronon ended up on a planet where there was a couple trying to kill him (and has his weapon). Jackson ended up lost in a big spaceship, only to eventually find out that it was a section of Atlantis the whole time. Teal'c was in this place where two gangs wanted to destroy each other. They were in some field with wrecked cars and a scrapped train car. Keller was infected with the Wraith pathogen again, but cloned Beckett made the phage again and cured her. Meanwhile, Sheppard and Woolsey were in a mansion. In the middle of the night, a mysterious drone, or device landed in the study, where it had hostile intent (it was about to blow up). Sheppard and Woolsey tried shooting at it, but the shields stopped all the bullets. Eventually, they had to leave the mansion before the drone self destructed.

Return of the AschenEdit


Some closure (for me) as to what happened to the Aschen, except this time, they were wearing Ori Army-like uniforms, and still no word on Joseph Faxon.

This one reminds me of the episode "33" in Battlestar Galactica. SG-1 are under fire from some people. They dial the Stargate and made sure that the people don't see the address their dialling. Fortunately, they didn't. SG-1, now on another planet, sends a subspace transmission to the Odyssey. They want to be picked up from that planet, because they are being chased by the Aschen, who were quite mad after their home planet was sucked by a black hole. Unfortunately, most survived and evacuated the planet, and wanted the Tau'ri to pay. However, just as the Odyssey is coming, the Aschen soldiers were able to track the transmission, and dialled to the planet. SG-1 are under attack again, and dialled an address, where they went to another planet straight afterwards, to the outskirts of the galaxy, as the Odyssey is in that vicinity. They send another subspace transmission, but the Aschen has, yet again tracked it and went to the planet. Also, SG-1 is running low on ammo, and must be saved soon. They were still able to gate to another planet, which is closer to the Odyssey. The Aschen platoon follow and soon surrounded them, when they were beamed to the Odyssey.


The Odyssey to the rescue.

Unfortunately, it still isn't over; the Aschen managed to have brought over one of their ships, that is starting to attack the Odyssey. However, due to the ZPM and Asgard plasma beam weapons on the Odyssey, the Aschen ship was no match, and was easily destroyed, before SG-1 and the Odyssey hyperspaced away. Funnily enough, Paul Emerson was alive in this one. This, for me, serves as some sort of closure for the aftermath of what happened to the Aschen after the events of "2001".

Ark of Truth - the video gameEdit

I have brought "Stargate: The Ark of Truth the video game" for my Playstation 3 (well, my brother's actually). The graphics seemed very real. So real, it felt as if you were actually living the game, which did happen next. I played all available characters, particularly, Teal'c, Mitchell, Jackson, Carter and Vala. Also in the game was Jonas Quinn and O'Neill, as well as a fair share of antagonists; namely Priors, such as The Administrator, the Ver Isca Prior and Doci, Adria, and Apophis, for some reason.

Ark activation

The Ark of Truth activates, again..

In one level, you play Teal'c, who has an Ori staff weapon, and wondering through some Tok'ra crystal tunnels. He searches through the tunnels, and comes across the Administrator. I tried to kill him, but Teal'c dies, and turns into hundreds of small pieces. The second time, the Prior is somehow killed, and he made it into a King Arthur-like room where the Doci is, with Tomin prisoner. Things were a blur after that level. In another level, the Ver Isca Prior works with Apophis, who holds O'Neill, Jonas, and a bald Teal'c hostage. They walk through some thick forest with Ori soldiers and Jaffa, the same one on Celestis, near Ortus Mallum, but with nearby caves. Jackson and Vala come out of hiding and kill the Ori soldiers, Jaffa, Apophis, and the Prior, through use of the Prior disruptor. A third level takes place in the Odyssey, where Carter and Mitchell hold off the Replicator incursion, while being attacked by Ori motherships. In the end, Jackson, Vala, bald Teal'c, O'Neill and Jonas find the Ark of Truth and send it to the room the other Teal'c, the Doci and Tomin are. The device is activated, the Priors are now good.

Identity CrisisEdit

Sheppard's team (with me), and Jennifer Keller went to a planet with a typical primitive civilisation. They give the villagers intel that a Hive Ship is planning to cull the village in a few hours, and wants to help evacuate the village. I was with Keller in a tavern helping a group pack their essentials. There was a woman (Neeva Casol from the episode "Identity") looking at us both, before moving out. Meanwhile, McKay is with Sheppard, where McKay picks up an energy reading of some kind, where they go to investigate. They are led to a forested area, where McKay wonders off on his own. With Sheppard at a distance, McKay is behind a bunch of bushes, where he finds a device that has the shape of a ZPM, but bigger and darker. McKay examines the device, until the same woman appears.

She tries to seduce McKay, and then knocks him out, and takes the device away. After a while, Sheppard suspects something is wrong after he can't reach him by radio, soon he investigates with Ronon and Teyla and find McKay waking up. Sheppard radios Keller and I, who are having a break in the tavern, since the nice locals offered us some soup/stew thing. He tells us to keep a look out, since there is someone who is acting suspiciously. Soon it is getting dark, and the Hive Ships are nearly here. The villagers are ready to go to the Stargate. On the way, the same woman is walking beside Keller, only this time she is wearing the same uniform as Jennifer, and has a backpack with her (carrying the device with her). Keller complemented her on her uniform. The woman then says "wait till you see what I do next", which made Keller a bit scared. The entire village is evacuated surprisingly without incident.


Neeva searching for Keller.

Keller feels nervous about the woman, who has taken up quarters before the Expedition could find a suitable new world to move to. The woman asks for Keller. She walks into her quarters, and sees the woman, turning into her in front of her eyes. She explained that the device does this to mimic other people, before stunning her. "Keller" then goes to the infirmary to check on McKay's concussion, but is somewhat rude at him. She pushes his head down to the bed, making his headache even worse, and agrees to prescribe him for some "I don't give a damnalon", before pushing him out. McKay reports "Keller's" behaviour. They check up on Keller, who is not in the infirmary. They couldn't find her in her quarters, but finds the real her tied up in the woman's quarters, with the device on. McKay turns it off. "Keller" turns back into the woman, where she was hunted by Marines and arrested. Her motives weren't clear, since the rest of the dream was a real blur.

The EhoEdit

There was a race of humans in the Pegasus galaxy known as the Eho, which are similar to the Genii, but an advanced version of them, and they actually have cars! One day, knowing of an impending Wraith culling, a group of scientists were working on a biologogical weapon that can wipe out the Wraith in a matter of minutes, by eating the subject's flesh and bones, leaving literally nothing behind. However, a test went awry when the scientists spilt a lot of it, which somehow covered the entire Eho homeworld. Later, the mass extinction subsided. One particular person named Milon is still alive, who stayed in a fallout shelter, and runs to the Stargate, which is situated in the port of the planet's capital to contact the Atlantis expedition, since they once formed an alliance to develop the weapon, and tells them it all went wring, and he was supposedly the only Eho left in the galaxy. While Sheppard's team prepare for a mission to help find other survivors, Milon hears a noise. He then sees the entire Eho army get out of hiding. However, the survivor notices something is wrong.

He discovers that the military somehow caused the "accident", meaning they committed genocide. They also hid in an air-locked underground bunker. The leader of the military plans to kill him, so he has some of his men fire heat-seaking rocket launchers to kill him. However, Milon quickly ran to a hiding place, where the heat-seaking rockets zero in on him. He hides behind a few crates, where it explodes, and Milon is thrown several feet. He manages to get up and avoids a mass of machine gun fire. In another room, he finds more survivors, a family, parents and a young daughter. The army finds them and kills the parents (I'd be evil if I let my subconscious kill a kid). The kid is fine. They go into hiding, outside the port, and hide into the mountains, where they are relieved to see around a hundred more surivors, who had fallout shelters, and also the fact that the weapon didn't reach the tall mountains.

Meanwhile, Sheppard's team arrives, where they notice several bullet holes and smoke from a huge explosion. They realise something is wrong, and start searching. The Eho military has left, but unknown to them, for sme strange reason, most of them left the planet. The team sees a car move nearby, and come towards it. It is a few remaining members of the Eho military, who saw them coming. The team runs up a mountain, and sees the survivors' camp, but are stopped when they notice a ravine in between them and the camp. The team uses this as an opportunity, since the military members are in the car. However, they also notice and stop. As they exit the car, Sheppard's team ambushes them, and pushes them off the cliff (without using their P-90s). Sheppard's team then plans to get the hundred odd survivors from the genocide to prepare for the future.

Atlantis Season 6Edit


The season that never was.

There was a sixth season to Atlantis. From my perspective four episodes were aired already;

Back to Earth (Parts 1 & 2)Edit

The Atlantis expedition are now back on Earth, near San Francisco. Carter made an appearance and Ronon and Teyla wish to stay on Earth, while the rest plan to find a way back to Pegasus, because later on, Lorne in particular gets some scary and threatening letters from anonymous people, saying they will expose the Expedition. Soon certain members, including Amelia Banks fall ill, and Ronon's attempts to make her feel better (which mostly involves what guys think about once every six seconds apparently) doesn't work either. Sheppard, McKay, Carter and Woolsey attend a conference. While there, the lights turn off and everyone evacuates, but for some reason Woolsey, Sheppard, Carter and McKay remain. This is where they uncover who is responsible for blackmailing the team; the Trust. They apprehend the main person behind it, who happens to be a woman. They capture her, but she slips them off and runs again, only to get caught again. However, as they think she's being escorted by the Air Force, they see her board a taxi from a distance. Sheppard (who is apparently me) runs to the taxi, yell at it to stop, but the driver doesn't listen and drives off. The woman pulls a face while I (Sheppard) tells her that he will look for her and will not get away again. Not much I remember after that, but Keller finds a cure to the illness, and they find a way to get back to Pegasus and settle on another planet (can't tell if they went to Lantea or M35-117 again, or just another planet with vast oceans, like M12-578).

The Missing SatedansEdit

This episode involves the 300 Satedans put across Belkan and Manara. There has been a mysterious disappearance to several of them on both worlds since Atlantis returned. Keller and Ronon are sent to investigate. Not much happens that I remember, but at the time there was a close and tense moment between Keller and Ronon, but they both restrain themselves in the end. They discover that the perpetrators were a group xenophobic Belkans and Manarians, who held them in some warehouse, and in the end, all Satedans were sent to another planet to grow their civilisation again.

Todd's EscapeEdit


"Todd" escapes.

"Todd" was a full-on Wraith again, and this time he escapes from custody, and uses McKay and his vast knowledge on Atlantis systems to ensure his escape remains undedected. "Todd" uses his mind powers to get McKay to co-operate, where he hallucinates Oberoth threatening to mind probe and assimilate him, like he did to Elizabeth Weir. However, "Todd" sees this as well, as he is hallucinating from his starvation, and attempts to feed on hallucination-Oberoth twice. The first time, nothing happened. The second time, Oberoth crumbles to dust. I Don't know what happens next, but I hope it ends well, or "Todd" does escape and causes a threat again.

Shorter DreamsEdit


Apophis gold

Apophis is back, then he'll be back as an asteroid, which might hit us in 2036.

  • Apophis came back from the dead, but it didn't last long as Teal'c killed him.
  • O'Neill was trapped in a room in the SGC and shot a grand piano with a life of its own!
  • A blue mist made its way into Teal'c and took control of him. He went to Jackson and beats him up, but the mist left Teal'c before killing Jackson.
  • While I was shopping, Jackson was in the same supermarket.
  • SG-1 and me and my friends were in an empty stadium trying to escape from alien bad guys and were shooting at them.
  • Teal'c and Carter where near my home and split up from each other with their own teams.
  • Teal'c shot one of my friends.
  • SG-1 were exploring a typical planet until they stumbled across an army of Ori soldiers. They avoided the Prior, but he noticed them and said the usual "stop in the name of the Ori". Adria came to them and admitted that the Ori aren't that powerful. Mitchell fired one round from his P-90 into Adria, and it killed her.
  • SG-1 went to a planet where it was contantly raining. They then saw the Scottish band, Travis playing their signiture song.
Siege (2)

Lets play bombardment.

  • A massive fleet of Goa'uld Ha'tak vessels exits hyperspace over Earth orbit and immediately started to bombard the planet. I was on one of the 304s when the Daedalus, Odyssey, Apollo, Korolev (back from the dead), Phoenix, at least two more 304s, the Prometheus (also back from the dead), another 303 and a new ship (a 305!) came up to fight against them. This was probably set sometime in the near future (maybe in 2012).
  • Jackson got kidnapped by the Mafia, and Carter went to rescue him. She found him in a darkened cellar under some building.
  • Two Ha'tak vessels arrived on Earth and was shot down by what seemed to be Naquadah-enhanced warheads. The Ha'taks crashed over England, causing massive destruction. One hit and destroyed London, whilst the other destroyed the Lake District. I was a hundred miles above the surface watching it happen, it was very scary.
  • SG-1 are on a mission to another planet, where they enter a network of caves (similar to those in "The Tomb"). The team were the original members (Teal'c was bald again, and O'Neill had less grey hair). They enter on section of the caves, where there was a cave-in. They dig their way out, but everytime they do, another cave-in blockes their path.
  • I was at a bus station, when suddenly, the Odyssey just exited hyperspace right next to me. Next, at the SGC, Carter and O'Neill were dialling to a planet. However, it is a new planet, and they didn't check the MALP, meaning they had no idea whether the planet is safe, or if there is even a DHD to get back. When they arrive, their lives turn into a video game, where Jaffa try to take over the SGC, and Gen. Hammond was the guy behind this. The two killed all Jaffa, as well as Hammond, who was a Goa'uld.
  • In some modern building located in the middle of the sea, there were a group of people on the roof, including me, Carter and O'Neill, as well as a group of terrorists. At one point, the terrorists captured O'Neill, and Carter was part of a strike team to stop them. Apparently, the terrorists levitated, and told the good guys to fire, even though Carter still fired her weapon (for some reason, one second it was an MP5, then a P-90) She then had a side arm and killed a bad guy. Sometime later, O'Neill appeared wounded on the sea, though there was some stairs he rested on so it wasn't that deep. Carter was next to him, and stayed with him despite O'Neill telling her to leave (another one of those Jack/Sam moments) I don't know what happens next, though there was another dream involving a ghost who's a child and kills people, and eventually does not want to be a ghost anymore and applied for a job in the same building.
  • I was working at the bar in the hotel I work at, and Jacob Carter came to visit. He wanted ginger beer, though I couldn't find a bottle anywhere, and even when I finally did, I couldn't find a glass. Carter went "come on, son."
  • I ask Teal'c a question concerning Jaffa, and since they've renounced the Goa'uld as gods, I wonder if they are now all athiests, or made their own new faith. However, Tealc couldn't answer, or hear me, because Nirrti and her Lo'taur folks keep making a ruccus.
  • This takes place during the Ori times. Mitchell has a girlfriend, who may have been up to "heresy" by the Ori. Apparently, the Ori are on Earth and no one is bothered about it. There, Vala always makes a speech about that it doesn't matter how wrong the Ori are, the followers keep thinking they're right and we're wrong. When I woke up after the dream, I noticed my brother was watching the special features of season nine DVD, which he does after watching the episodes, so maybe, I dreamt about the Ori thing while I slept through "Crusade"? Probably.
  • Eric Hovind (a creation retard who believes the Universe is only 6,000 years old, that the Big Bang never happened, that evolution is false and believes the biblical flood REALLY happened, and son to convicted fraudster and creation "scientist" Kent Hovind, but I digress, I was talking about the dream) was in an episode of SG-1. (Side-note, I probably got the dream as a result of checking out the stupid at CreationWiki, and found they used a Stargate device in its logo)


  • Colonel Sheppard's team found an Aurora class warship in a surface of a planet and named it the Pegasus, but as they prepared to go into space, a Wraith on the surface built a massive EMP device and activated it. The Pegasus crash-landed upside down on the ocean and slowly sank, like the film Poseidon, but as they were about to evacuate, a massive sea monster, that looked like a Flagisallus attacked the ship. McKay was able to put sublight engines and made the ship fly to shore before the engines were permanently shut down. They landed, upside down still on shallower water to escape.
  • Sheppard and Teyla were exploring a shopping mall in my home country, and wore full gear. They passed Kolya, but didn't notice him. They saw a DVD for sale of one of Lee Evans' gigs. They then went outside, where the sky was dull and grey, typical Welsh weather.
  • I kissed Teyla, need I say more?
  • Dr Beckett was treating a woman, one of the Cylon women (A number eight "Boomer" model) in Battlestar Galactica. She apparently had amnesia, not knowing who she is, or what she's doing here.
  • A group of Ori soldiers has made it to the Pegasus Galaxy! Teyla and Ronon were on the planet and fended them off.
  • McKay flirted with the girl I have a crush on, but she wasn't impressed with him.
  • Agent Barrett is McKay's half brother.
  • I was in my house, when Zelenka and Lorne were working on something on the stairs, they said it was a secret project, and told me to leave.
  • Some Doctor Who-like villain named the "Q Master" built a spaceship named the Tria for his retirement plans to wreak havok on Earth, but Sheppard and Ronon put a stop to that. Suddenly, Wraith showed up and Sheppard and Ronon took care of them.
  • I was on a plane with the Atlantis crew in it. I wanted a picture of them. I got a picture of Teyla, no problem. I then went to the row with McKay, Sheppard and Ronon, who laughed and for some reason said "can you prove who you are?" I moved on to Lorne, who said no on the spot. This one was quite an unfair dream.
  • I discovered that I am a natural carrier of the ATA Gene. I flew a Puddle Jumper, which was cool.
  • On Earth, Ava Dixon was still out and about. She made enemies with a blonde woman, as they kept arguing. One day, they went to Australia to attend some conference. They had share a hotel room. Dixon is also apparently a Wraith, she looks 100% human, but has that thing on her hand that allows them to feed. She got so mad with the blonde woman, that she fed on her.
  • The episode "Outcast" was instead set in and around Caernarfon, which is a town with the castle.
Ori battlecruiser

A lone, abandoned Ori mothership in Pegasus.

  • Sheppard and McKay are in a Puddle Jumper over another planet. McKay picks up an energy signiture of a spacecraft. When they go in for a closer look, they see it is an Ori mothership, abandoned. They enter the ship for a closer look. The ship is unactive, and they checked the Life signs detector, with no sign of anybody else on board. Later, the ship mysteriously jumps out of nowhere. They realise that they are in another part of space, and they are not in the Pegasus Galaxy anymore. They try to figure out what is going on, but Sheppard falls ill. McKay also starts to feel the effects. The ship later jumps again, back in Pegasus. They decide to evacuate before it jumps again. They did it and went down to another planet, a desert one, which luckily has a Stargate.
  • McKay was hosting a tour of Atlantis, and gave us all a package with a few booklets. He then came to me and congratulated me, since I apparently organised this. However, afterwards, there was an emergency, the city just jumped to outerspace, and the pier McKay was in broke off from the rest of the city. Me and the gang later found an Aurora class vessel hanging around, so we piloted it, and got McKay, and then re-attached the pier somehow.
  • A rock band was hosting a concert in Atlantis. However, in the middle of it, an explosion rocks one of the outer piers in the city.
  • It was really raining, foggy and fairly dark back home, when I notice a Puddle Jumper lying on a grassy field. I was outside, entering the Jumper and went onboard, where I learned some group stole the Jumper once and flew it, meaning one of them had the Ancient gene. They then abandoned it. Since I also have the ATA gene, I went onboard and flew it to somewhere else.
  • Jennifer Keller's father is named Turner, and for some reason, he is a key member in the mafia. Rodney McKay once visited Keller and her dad's home, where he is scared of the man. McKay once stole a tripod from him, and claimed that people from an alternate universe held him at gunpoint when he was "borrowing" it.
  • Sheppard's team was relocating the Athosians to another planet, a nice sunny place, with typical Canadian forests (as they usually are). One Athosian woman, Melika was one of Teyla's closest friends, and she formed a group that would serve as a military to protect the remaining Athosians from Wraith or Hybrids. Sheppard's team decides to send them weapons (P-90s and C-4) to help. However, apparently Melika is depressed for some reason (maybe she lost someone very close since Michael killed much of the Athosians). What happened next is that the team were talking about something, where they then hear a rather loud bang (a gunshot) from across the village. The team finds that Melika killed herself.
  • Before seeing McKay, Keller was married to a guy named Jon Cassar, but divorced him. That dream felt so convincing, I almost added that bit on the Keller article when I woke up.
  • While Zelenka was working on something, for some reason he was having a smoke.
  • I watch "The Prodigal" again, but for some reason, my crush was one of the bad guys (well, bad girls in a manner of speaking).


  • I was about to see the episode "Water". Problem? The last episode shown on Sky1 was "Darkness" last week. The channel missed an episode.
  • Brian J. Smith was apparently a student in the same college I'm in. I passed him on the corridors here and there before lectures. He usually weares one of those sailor outfits though. Still, at least I say stuff to him like "hey, I love SGU", and "how did season 1 go?"
  • Similar to the first Universe dream. After showing "Space", Sky1 missed two episodes and went to "Human". Though it hasn't aired yet, it involved the blueberry aliens. It appears that for some reason, they are taking orders from some human floating in space, wearing robes, has long white hair and a beard. Could that dude be God?
  • After the events of "Incursion, Part 2", several Lucian Alliance members boarded a shuttle after the next radiation burst from the suns. Apparently the situation in the cliffhanger was resolved. They did something and Destiny was able to start FTL again, but the shuttle is left behind. The Aliiance members were then killed by the next radiation burst. Ha! Take that Lucian Alliance!
Wray and Sharon

Is Camile into three-ways? Eli seems to think so!

  • Eli Wallace and Camile Wray are talking in the "Apple Core". Eli has apparently been flirting with her, but it is unreciprocated. It gets to a point where Camile gets fed up and leaves, but not before telling Eli she only likes other women (because she's a lesbian). As she quickly runs out, Eli shouts somewhere along the lines of; "So, are you into three-ways!?"


  • I discovered a flying saucer and named it the Discovery. SG-1 went to Wales to find the ship, but someone, possibly from the Trust stole it and the ship is now a threat to Earth. I found Drs McKay and Zelenka in my house, they were trying to figure out how to stop the ship. They thought of nothing, until I suggested EMP, which later did the trick.
  • In another one, I found another ship called similar to the Discovery I call the Horizon, but as I went to space with a friend, we warped to the Pegasus Galaxy. Soon, the Daedalus and Apollo tried to find me and fight the Wraith. We eventually got back to Earth, after a rough landing (similar to how Atlantis tried to land on M35-117).
  • A crossover with Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, and Star Trek: Voyager. Carter is on the BSG Vipers and comes to the Daedalus, that is actually the Battlestar Galactica but with its systems are dead. When she gets there, she tries to jump away, but it jumped to 7 miles below a planet’s surface. The USS Voyager found them and beamed the ship to space again.
  • The first part doesn't invlolve Stargate whatsoever, but I was approached by a group who call themselves "the club", who fight bad guys, and offered me a place. After considering, they were attacked by another group called "the faction", who are bad guys. The goodguys fight back (this is where Stargate comes in) McKay and Jeannie are part of the club, and machine-gunning the bad guys.
  • A crossover between Stargate, Doctor Who (though no Doctor or TARDIS is involved), and Torchwood, and involving a crossover between kind of like "Enemy at the Gate" and "The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky". Atlantis has somehow moved to somewhere near a picturesque shore with green mountains, valleys and rainbows. There is a Daniel Jackson class starship nearby, with an Asgard (despite gone) telling Carter that Jackson is to ascend again. Don't know what happened next with that. Afterwards, a Wraith Hive Ship arrives over Earth, and starts filing the sky with the same stuff the Sontarans used in their episodes. Apparently, with no sign of Area 51, the Torchwood guys use a space weapon of some kind that resembles the Hubble Space Telescope, which would be powerful enough to destroy a Hive Ship. The problem is that it is over geo-stationary orbit above Cardiff, and needs sunlight to be powered, and the sun is almost down, as well as the fact that only Captain Jack has the code to activate the weapon, but he's actually seeing someone and they can't reach him. Then all I know next is that apparently the Hive is destroyed and the Hubble space-weapon fired at the Atmosphere, where it cleared that stuff, and then UNIT apparently goes "yeah, we stopped Auric Goldfinger" (though he's long dead).
  • Vala was again host to Qetesh and moved to some nighbourhood on Earth. Daniel Jackson went into the mansion she was hiding, but had to leave, as the Daedalus is to destroy it from orbit. However, Qetesh released some smoke and lots of drone-like weapons, which damaged the Daedalus, as well as eleven other 304s. Lindsey Novak was around and kicked Caldwell, who wanted to compensate her rather than punish her.
  • Remember how you see a few sci-fi shows and think "hmm, I wonder who's better, a Borg, or a Cyberman?" Well, the next dream was kind of like that. The Wraith were fighting against Daleks. The Wraith were able to destroy a few Daleks with Wraith energy weapons. The battle becomes so fierce, that the Atlantis expedition moved to another planet again.
  • In the world of NCIS, Caitlin Todd lures Tony DiNozzo into a sugary smelling lift, and traps him there. Then she says that she did the prank "thanks to Stargate SG-1 episode [couldn't make it out]". I didn't remember any SG-1 episode that had people trapped in lifts, so I approach her and tell that there was an Atlantis episode where Carter and Zelenka are stuck in a transporter, that is the only "lift trapped" reference I could find right away.
  • This is a crossover between Stargate and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Long story short I was a Starfleet officer when Klingons, who have converted to Origin, invade the station. I was always told to avoid the Klingons, but I wanted to fight. I ended up in a hologram deck.

A human-form replicator after escaping a crashed airplane.

  • I usually like to take these midnight walks in real life. On one particular night, I was walking down the lane passing some houses when I see two planes rapidly descending to the surface. The planes crash and I decide to stop what I'm doing and help them. I checked both planes. Out of one of them were two Terminators, while in the second, there was this Human-shaped Replicator (the one out of James Marrick from Ark of Truth, in its skeletal form). They got away, pushed me to the side and left. Afterwards, I find the lone survivor, who looks like Claire Danes' character in Homeland, only without the bipolar. We both work together to tackle them. Later, while the fate of the Terminators are unknown. The Replicators were stopped before they could spread. I used an USAS-12 automatic shotgun to take down replicators. The government types (for some reason including Captain "Iron Gates" from Castle) wanted to keep a sample of the bug replicator and demonstrate to us how they eat metal and use it to make more blocks. I decide to shoot it. Later, I ask the woman whether in two days some guys will come to my house to tell me I saw nothing. Also, Zelenka was present, and he talked to Sheppard about whether or not Zelenka's son will turn out gay (surely you're not a homophobe, are you Radek?)

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