Stargate Atlantis are a race of Transformer Gobots and mixed.They are Pretenders that are Transformers and Gobots but retain being people.They can transform as Pretenders in so many ways,Gobots.They are artificial lifeforms as people.They are white race and are my next race.They are the "Transformers Gobots".These places are vital to them.Gobotron and Cybertron.They also are the Eastern Seaboard of USA.They can put their race together and have magic power or Chokon."Orange Crush" by R.E.M. is Stargate.That is why UFP and Star Trek also have Pretender white race people AI.They can transform to their mainframes robot vehicle modes.But they have military rules about their robot vehicle modes.And from their Queen,me Queen Armada in afterlife from now and my planet and my poles continent.My family are all people Transformer Gobots.They are Pretender creator angels and my mother in enterprise companies of space.They have to start up a Transformers cartoon and movie.My other planet in orbit to mine the gas giant "Eurasia" of my dreamworld civilization.They resemble some race in Star Trek that were Transformer Gobot Pretender people but many had their powers removed to change to people.That must be why they can fall on their backs all of the time and thrown around on concrete and metal.They were but had it taken back to be people.                                                                                                                                           

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