The V'rdai Ne'har'lem, also known as the V'rdai, was a group of Humans that resided in the Pegasus galaxy and consisted of Runners that had been released by the Wraith. They were created by Nekai who formed the unit and based their name from his Retem language. When translated, the term meant "when the hunted become the hunters". The common characteristic amongst the group members was the fact that all their homes had been destroyed by the Wraith with them being turned into Runners for sport.

These individuals operated as a unit where they hunted the Wraith rather than be hunted themselves. They also sought out other Runners and, if promising, they inducted them within their ranks. V'rdai missions varied in length, size and number. They never operated from their home base which was to remain as a secure location at all times. Instead, they used shuttles to get to different planets through the Stargate where they often worked in three to six teams. Normally, they jumped to random worlds, scouted locations, dug in and set out bait in order to ambush any Wraith. Whilst they scavenged weapons, they lacked the firepower to knock out Wraith Darts or Hive Ships thus they strictly only eliminated Wraith hunting parties.

In time, under the leadership of Nekai, the group began to change its objectives by later treating anyone not a V'rdai as an active hostile threat that needed to be eliminated. This view did not sit well with Ronon Dex who later left the group as he did not want to become a cold hearted killer of innocents whilst the rest of the V'rdai reluctantly accepted the views of their leader.

The group drew the Atlantis team into a trap and damaged their Puddle Jumper and captured Sheppard and Teyla, however Ronon and McKay escaped. McKay destroyed their ship as a distraction, allowing Ronon to rescue his teammates and stranding the V'rdai. One V'rdai was killed by Sheppard in self-defense, but the rest were stunned and Nekai was lured into a trap by Ronon. Ronon attempted to convince Nekai to join them, promising to have their tracking devices removed as long as the V'rdai gave up attacking other humans, but Nekai refused. Ronon left Nekai to free himself, but warned him that the Wraith would probably be there soon as Nekai had been apart from the other V'rdai long enough for his tracking device to have been picked up. The V'rdai were left behind on the planet with no ship and no way to reach the Stargate which was in orbit of a nearby planet. As the team left, an entire Wraith hive ship showed up to wipe them out as they had angered the Wraith so much. Presumably the V'rdai, with no ship and no way to escape, were wiped out by the Wraith. (SGA: "Hunt and Run")

Members included:

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