Vala Mal Doran's Al'kesh was an Al'kesh that originally belonged to Ba'al, used by Vala Mal Doran and the crew of the Prometheus.


Looking for a ship large enough to sell to the Lucian Alliance, Vala Mal Doran attempted to steal this Al'kesh, owned by Ba'al. Using a Tel'tak to ring onto the ship, Vala was able to overpower the Jaffa with her Kull armor and Plasma repeater but both ships were damaged. After sending a distress call, the Prometheus came to investigate and SG-3 ringed to the ship. Meanwhile, Vala ringed to the Prometheus and shot the crew with a Zat'nik'tel and ringed them to the Al'kesh before stealing the Prometheus. The Prometheus crew led by Lt. General George S. Hammond inspected the ship and found it too damaged to fly. Dr. Lindsey Novak suggested harvesting control crystals from the Tel'tak and Hammond was able to collect the proper ones despite very little oxygen on board. After effecting repairs, the crew followed and caught up with the Prometheus who was only using sublight engines. Hammond ordered the ship disabled but Vala was able to activate the hyperdrive first. The crew caught up with the Prometheus as it was being attacked by the Goa'uld and helped defend it. After destroying two Al'kesh the crew contacted Dr. Daniel Jackson who stayed on board and was able to retake the ship. After the crew returned to Prometheus and locked Vala in the brig, she escaped and ringed to the Al'kesh. She ringed SG-3 back to Prometheus and entered hyperspace after jamming the Prometheus' sensors. (SG1: "Prometheus Unbound")


  • Although it is never mentioned onscreen, this Al'kesh did belong to Ba'al at some point, as evidenced by his mark on the back wall of the Pel'tak.

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