Vala Mal Doran's Tel'tak
Vala Mal Doran's Tel'tak
Production information






Technical specifications

15 meters


10 meters


6.5 meters

Engine unit(s)

Sublight engines



Hyperdrive system

Limited Interstellar


Goa'uld Shields

Sensor systems

Goa'uld Sensors


Cloaking device

  • Pilot
  • Co-pilot

25 maximum

Cargo capacity

35,000 kilograms

Other systems

Transport ship

Year introduced



Vala Mal Doran's Tel'tak is a series of Tel'taks that belonged to Vala Mal Doran.


Looking for a ship large enough to sell to the Lucian Alliance, Vala Mal Doran attempted to steal an Al'kesh. Using this Tel'tak to ring onto the ship, Vala was able to overpower the Jaffa with her Kull armor and Plasma repeater but both ships were damaged. After sending a distress call, the Prometheus came to investigate and SG-3 ringed to the ship. Meanwhile, Vala ringed to the Prometheus and shot the crew with a Zat'nik'tel and ringed them to the Al'kesh before stealing the Prometheus. The Prometheus crew led by Lt. General George S. Hammond inspected the Al'kesh and found it too damaged to fly. Dr. Lindsey Novak suggested harvesting control crystals from this Tel'tak and Hammond was able to collect the proper ones despite very little oxygen on board. After effecting repairs, the crew followed the Prometheus leaving the Tel'tak adrift. (SG1: "Prometheus Unbound")

After the Odyssey is hijacked by Anateo of the Lucian Alliance with Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter on board, SG-1 has Vala Mal Doran acquire a Tel'tak to travel to the location of the Odyssey's subspace beacon. Due to time constraints, Vala is only able to get her hands on a Tel'tak with defective stabilizers that causes the ship to shake. During the trip, the life support fails and the cloak barely activates. The beacon leads to a planet with ties to the Alliance. Vala and Dr. Daniel Jackson go to the surface and make contact with a former business associate of Vala's but they are captured by the Alliance. Teal'c and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell return to Earth and brief Major General Henry Landry. Mitchell comes up with a plan to use the Reol chemical to pose as Kefflin and infiltrate the Alliance. After arriving at Netan's Ha'tak, Mitchell rings to the ship and Teal'c hides near by with the ship cloaked. Unfortunately, the cloak fails and Teal'c is detected and brought aboard Netan's Ha'tak. What happened to the ship after this is unknown. (SG1: "Company of Thieves")

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