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This individual has no known canonical name.  While the information presented is canonical, the individual described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

Vanir Leader
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The Vanir leader was a member and leader of the Vanir, a rogue group of Asgard.


It was the leader of the attack force that infiltrated Atlantis. It commanded a Vanir spaceship and an abandoned outpost on M6H-987 that contained the Attero device. It wore one of the Armored exoskeletons to protect itself and keep it sustained. When it infiltrated Atlantis it captured Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Daniel Jackson. It forced the two doctors to activate the Attero device in order to destroy the Wraith, at any cost. After several demands from Jackson, it finally agreed to meet with him and got out its battlesuit at his insistence. It was surprised that Daniel knew of the Asgard and even had Asgard friends and explained his people's history, learning of the other Asgard's destruction from Daniel. Despite Daniel's best efforts, he was unable to convince it to stop. But it later escaped with the Attero device control key after a Traveler ship arrived and engaged the other Vanir ships. Its plan was thwarted when the Attero device was shut of by McKay and Daniel and then later destroyed by Katana Labrea's ship. However, the Vanir leader escaped in his ship into hyperspace. (SGA: "First Contact", "The Lost Tribe")

In 2010, this Asgard, Dis, tried to force an ascended Asgard known as Ran to descend so that the Vanir could use her DNA and eggs to try to restore themselves as Ran had ascended before the Asgard began cloning and thus had undamaged DNA. Sheppard and his team were able to come to a deal with Dis and the Vanir where they would lead them to a shrine on Earth where Dis could contact the ascended and ask for Ran's help. Dis agreed to the deal and using an old Vanir scoutship that still had intergalactic hyperspace capabilities, they traveled to Earth where Dis made his plea to Ran. Ran agreed to help and descended to mortal form, although she warned the Vanir that they had suffered so much genetic damage that they may not be able to repair it even with her help and even if they do, the Vanir may not return to what they were or what they want to be. Dis accepted this as it was more hope than the Vanir have had in over a thousand years and departed with Ran in the Vanir ship while dropping off the Atlantis team in their Puddle Jumper to return to the SGC. The Vanir asked to not be contacted for awhile as they would be busy, but agreed to not bother Atlantis or anyone else either and thus not draw hostilities to themselves. (SGA: "The Third Path")

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