Vi'tak was a Jaffa who served on the bridge of the System Lord Ba'al's personal Ha'tak in 2006. When the Ha'tak's systems failed as a result of the lesser Goa'uld Nerus' actions (which released a computer virus he was unaware of), Vi'tak informed Ba'al of the situation and restored limited power to the ship. He noted that it appeared as if the systems were being disrupted from inside the vessel, at which point Ba'al left the bridge to kill Nerus. Vi'tak then detected Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter's attempt to open a door inside the ship and reported to Ba'al that they had been infiltrated. Suddenly, three Lucian Alliance Ha'taks exited hyperspace and targeted Ba'al's ship. Their leader Netan hailed them, ordering Ba'al to surrender his ship and cargo or be destroyed. Ba'al refused and shut off the communications link. The Lucian Alliance vessels opened fire on the System Lord's unshielded ship, targeting its weapons and hyperdrive. Ba'al ordered Vi'tak to reactivate their shields, which he successfully accomplished. The enemy Ha'taks continued to fire, and Ba'al commanded Vi'tak to bring their hyperdrive back online instead of their weapons. It was too late, however, and Vi'tak reported imminent shield failure just before the enemy bombardment penetrated Ba'al's Ha'tak's shields and destroyed the ship, probably killing Vi'tak. (SG1: "Off the Grid")

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